Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wedding Shoes, probably my favourite subject!

As some of you may already know, I have a degree in fashion and consider myself quite a stylish person, more than anything hwever I absolutely adore shoes, shoe shopping and of course shoe wearing! It is my belief that your choice of shoes can really make or break an outfit and when is your outfit most important? Of  course on your wedding day!

So over to the board featuring some fantabulous shoes:

Shoes Glorious Shoes!Credits: Cheri Pearl

I have to admit that overall I am not a fan of red shoes, but have included a pair on this board, and no I am not taking back my statement, I do admit that when used sparingly , red can be pretty, espeically for a winter weddin. Please, please do not match the bouquet to the shoes though, red can look very harsh on white, especially red or burgundy flowers have your florist create a looser arrangement with several types of flowers!

So to sum up, I advise you to have fun with your outfit, don't take it all too seriously and invest in some drop dead gorgeous shoes to ensure that you strut down the aisle and straight on to the dancefloor with style and attitude!

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