Friday, 22 October 2010

Italia.......Here I come

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And a final note for today, I am heading off to Italy for a week's holiday from blogs, weddings and all white and fluffy things for some much needed rest and a little culture injection!

I intend to soak up the culture, visit many galleries and just walk around pretty places with a little shopping in between!

See you next week!!!

Aslanis Greek Designer

Michalis Aslanis is one of the best known fashion designers in Greece, specialising in wedding dresses and formal evening wear!

His Autumn-Winter collection 2010-11 is looking pretty interesting:

Vassilis Zoulias Winter Collection 2010-11

We are interrupting the usual bridal chat, ideas and information to bring your one of my favourite Greek designer's current collection, which is drop dead gorgeous and highly appropriate for a going away outfit or a mother of the bride.

These shoes are simply divine, as is the rest of the collection, enormous bows, 50's style wool dresses, vintage styling, I am seriously in love.

All images courtesy of Vangelis Rassias @ Rassias Studio, a truly talented fashion photographer!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

For the love of shoes.....

For the love of shoes

I would seriously consider moving to a new world if it looked like this!!!!!!!!!

Olive theme for wedding in Greece

Good afternoon,

I have been sent the most gorgeous images from one of my favorite people in the world, Annie Angelopoulou, a talented Greek wedding photographer, she capture pure emotion and is so authentic that she is ideal when you want to capture your day in a simple, no frills way!!!

I think she captured the atmosphere of this wedding incredibly!!!

Aren't they breathtaking? And so Greek, you don't wonder where these images were taken or what they represent, it's simple, elegant, no fuss Greece in all it's glory!

Images are by Annie Angelopoulou

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Candles Galore

Good afternoon all,

A little food for thought regarding your decor choices for your reception venue today, in all probability most of your reception will be held in the evening, when the light is much lower, probably even when it's completely dark! Don't forget that the vibrant colors and flowers tend to fade away, however a good quality candle will keep burning all night and transform the atmosphere into a more dramatic, cosy and romantic setting!

Consider hanging, floating, mismatching and going overboard with the candles!!!!!!! The effect is absolutely wonderful!!!

Candle Light

Monday, 18 October 2010

Happy Monday

A really unusually rainy start to this week of October, the entire month has been abnormally autumnal, causing havoc to brides hoping for a late summer wedding in Greece.

With the entire week predicted to be rainy and chilly (by our standards), my thoughts are wandering to wellington boots and cool umbrella's!!!

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Happy Autumn, almost winter from Greece! Happy planning!!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Sweet & Saucy Cakes colorful cakes!

I do love cake and of course wedding cake, I think that if you choose it carefully, it can be a fabulous addition to your wedding reception. Although I am all for doing away with traditional weddings and ridiculous superstitions, I do believe that couples should consider retaining some of the classic wedding format during their reception, as guests respond well and like to know what to expect.

OK, that went well off topic, so back to colourful wedding cakes:

I have to say that I really like the idea of having mini cakes and also of having wedding cakes as part of your centrepieces and the couple cutting each cake on their guests tables, serving it up and thanking them with a round of champagne!!! A really personal touch!

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The guestbook

Hello all, I am racing around the country lately, and so have little time to post any new ideas that come to me.

Today I wanted to post regarding the guestbook or wish table which is usually located near the entrance to the reception venue and is one of the elements that makes a first impression on your guests! It should be in keeping with your theme, convey a message to your guests and encourage them to leave a message that you will treasure long after the wedding day is over!

Wish Table

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The importance of Chairs

I am certain that some people are going to think I have gone slightly mad with this post, however chairs can be exciting items at a wedding reception, there are loads of fun ways to embelish, attach, hang or decorate in order to fit with the chosen theme and decor!

I do feel that the chairs do set the tone as well, making it formal, rustic or laid back, I put together a board illustrating the different ways to accentuate chairs at your wedding:

Chair Ideas

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Flower girl dresses to die for....

I am in a ruffly, romantic kind of mood this week, of course I continually discover and think of new ideas that I would have liked to have applied to my own wedding, however I didn't, so I will simply showcase the ideas on my blog so someone else can utilise them!!! I think I do live and breathe weddings!!

My latest discovery is a seller called sweetplume over on who creates the most divine girls dresses that are ideal for a flower girl or even a special birthday party!

They can be created in custom colors to match the theme of the event and are really cute without looking like an adult dress, I do feel some of the dresses out there are a little low cut or short for young children!

They are also extremely affordable which is always a plus!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Fabulous Wedding Dresses on Etsy!!!

I swear I can spend an entire day looking on, the things that you can find are simply incredible and keep getting better and better!

For those looking for inexpensive wedding gowns, I do suggest that you go and shop around, speak to other shoppers before choosing.

Image by tutuchic on
I can certainly see a bridal party in these gorgeous tutu skirts teamed with different tops in the same color, I am thinking black or plum with killer high heels, how cool would that look?

Image by nostalgia on 
I completely love this dress, it comes in several colors and costs less than 90$!! What a bargain!

Image by Ouma on
Pastel ballerina tutus look fabulous on the wedding party, I am partial to the bride wearing a crystal encrusted one with Louboutin heels as well!!

Image by Ouma on
I love the satin bodice teamed with the flouncy skirt of tulle, again add high heels to avoid looking too ballerina like!

Image by Ouma on
How unexpected is this top? I absolutely love it and think it would be perfect for a black and white themed wedding!

Image by tutuchic on 
Grey tutu, cool sash, cool heels, I love the styling, I would perhaps keep the top a little plainer myself!

Image by tutuchic on
And finally loving this look for a laid back bride, bright shoes against an all white outfit and fascinator, I would be tempted to add a coloured fascinator myself and bright flowers!