Friday, 23 October 2009

Loukia, wedding dress designer

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I am finishing the week on a real high, I'm can't quite put my finger on it, but I feel that autumn is coming (no still not reached us here in Greece really), days are drawing in, time to travel, see more of friends and family and plan for next year! I absolutely adore planning weddings and find the creative part of thinking up a concept so exciting, the possibilities are endless and when you start throwing ideas about, you never quite know where it might take you!!!!

So my final post for this wedding fashion week is on the awe inspiring Greek designer Loukia. She is recognised throughout the fashion world and recently had a dress voted as the best dress in the Golden Globes.

She designed a dress for a colleague of mine, that was just so beautiful I can't really put it into words, the dress had a very low back with leaves sewn on made of the same fabric as the dress and there were several leaves sewn on in different parts of the dress to look as though some had fallen off and floated down, it was truly dreamy!

I adore this dress, I love that it looks a little unfinished and there are little bits of lace floating off the spaghetti straps, it makes the model look eatherial!!!


Fabulous movement of this dress!


Very eccentric!


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