Monday, 30 July 2012

Nautical Nothings

After a weekend spent by the sea, I am inspired by all things nautical..... I love this fresh looking palette, just perfect for a Greek wedding on the islands!!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Remote Greek Island Weddings

When dreaming about your wedding in Greece, perhaps you imagine an almost private island, with just a few inhabitants, some cute guesthouses, a tiny chapel on the sea and a typical village feast in the local taverna!!!

And you're right, this is amazing as a setting, after all remember my wedding in Kastellorizo, only 150 inhabitants, but enough services to keep my 200 guests occupied, fed and accommodated for 4 days, it worked!

Does it work everywhere? Absolutely not. So what are the points to consider when this is your dream:

  • Type of wedding that you want, the sunset civil wedding in front of the chapel may not be possible, your planner must speak to the local authorities first to see if they will allow
  • The amount of accommodation available and the level. It worked for us....just, but there were limited mod cons, and thank goodness some guests were fine with that. 
  • The access will be difficult, let's face facts, if there are TUI flights into the airport every day, it's not a remote Greek island, factor in ferries, wind, waves, sea sickness and possible cancellations to schedules, you have to be laid back about timelines and travel otherwise it will NOT WORK.
  • You will have to bring in most suppliers, FACT, do not use local photographers, you will almost certainly regret this decision
I don't want this post to be particularly long, just to the point! Remember the limitations of choosing a remote island, factor this choice when setting your budget and then....relax. It's the only way to go with a Greek Island Wedding!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wonderful White Weddings

It's no secret that I love simple, white & elegant weddings and today's board illustrates the idea of using white on white in layers, with a lot of texture, which is my ideal!

Do you like white on white or do you find it boring?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Minty Moment...

I think mint is definitely having a moment, a very strong moment and I love, love, love this colour! I think it is going to overtake nude in a big way and become next summer's hottest trend in weddings!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Georges Hobeika 2013

Hello All, 

Today I am posting on a designer I admire very much, George Hobeika, he has a very strong use of fabric, beading and creating a feminine silhouette. I find his designs refreshing, modern, without being overly contemporary and conforming to current trends!

Images from

Monday, 9 July 2012

Lighting up your venue!

When you have the budget to spend, lighting can really bring a venue to life, transform a flat interior, create a party atmosphere, light up your surroundings, create shadows, create romance.

Candlelight at dinner, then disco balls and ridiculous smoke machines may sound cheesy, but ALWAYS get the crowd on the floor.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Are you a succulent fan?

For a destination wedding in Greece, it is sometimes a good idea to consider the type of flower you choose for your wedding, yes peonies are drop dead gorgeous and I love them, but in August on a Greek island, they are going to last for 6 hours.

Succulents on the other hand are hardy little plants, that will withstand a lot of hinder and still look fresh and green! You can also keep them potted which will make them perfect to give as gifts at the end of the evening!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

2012 Wedding Trends...

Good afternoon, today I am showcasing my favourite trends for 2012, great ideas to incorporate into your wedding planning in the next few months:

By Ruffled, Al Gawlick Photography
Deconstructed bouquets with a huge variety of blooms, an array of colours and the larger the better!!

By Style Me Pretty, Amy Bennett Photo

Messages to your guests, instructions, signs have been seen in many weddings over the last seasons and are becoming more evident in 2012

By Style Me Pretty, A Brit and Blonde

We've talked about it before, decorating chairs is a real trend, I love the idea, it adds lots of colour without cluttering tables at the reception and on the beach it's such an easy way to keep the theme running through!

By Style Me Pretty, B Miller Weddings
All white wedding party or at least the ladies, I love, love, love this trend, ensure the girls wear short dresses so you can easily distinguish the bride in pictures!

By Polka Dot Bride, Pride & Joy

OMBRE, if anyone doesn't know what this means, you haven't spent any time on wedding blogs lately, the lighter to darker same shade trend is huge!!!

By Style Me Pretty, Denise Bovee Photography
Baby's Breath has had a huge return to the wedding scene. Previously conceived as cheap, it has become beautiful when used in balls of fluffy flowers and I love it!!!

By Style Me Pretty, Heather Waraska

Metallic Cakes, I still haven't seen one in person but I love the trend, sooooo cool!

By Style Me Pretty, Style Art Life

Finally the long table, one table where all your guests sit together, I adore this idea for a destination wedding, everyone sits with the bride and groom, everyone feels special, everyone is touched, why not thank your guests for travelling to your wedding by having them all on your top table?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

3,2,1.....steps to a Greek Wedding

When attempting to organise a Greek wedding, it may be challenging to decide what traditions and ideas to include to make your wedding decidedly "Greekish", yet retain the structure that your guests are used to!

Here are a few tips of easy items to include when organising your Greek wedding:

  • Have your groom hold the bouquet and give it to you on the way into the church or venue of your choice, seal it with a kiss and then walk down the aisle together
  • Offer your guests traditional Greek favours with 5 or 7 dragees in a net with the rbbon of your choice, for additional interest add an evil eye bead or an old drachma coin
  • Have a traditional Greek song incorporated into the evening, the "wedding song", "Simera Gamos Ginete" is the most traditional and you could use it to cut the cake, as an entrance song or as the song after your first dance
  • Give the favours at the wedding, have younger members of your wedding party give these out as the ceremony ends
  • Have guests throw rice rather than confetti during or after the ceremony, I love the meaning of this, to "plant" the wedding, so it grows big and strong!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Inspired by the sea...

Hello again people,

Today we are discussing a very obvious inspiration when choosing to marry in Greece, the sea, which on most islands is everywhere!!! I so often get asked for a venue that includes a sea view with a rustic, even archaeological setting, that's a true challenge, but not always impossible!

So, today's board is for someone in love and inspired by the sea:

Monday, 2 July 2012

Don't forget the chairs....

Happy Monday everyone,

I deal with many clients who aren't particularly detail oriented. I suppose that is why they choose a wedding planner like myself in order to focus them!
A definite trend I have seen develop over the last 3 years or so is to decorate the backs of the bride and groom's chairs, and I love it!!!!

So basically, don't forget that these little details do indeed make all the difference to your wedding day!!