Friday, 1 March 2013


Hi All,

Today's board is about a beach wedding, but made fabulous, those little details that elevate an event and make it stand out from the rest!!!

Great decor, music, beautiful setting, quite simple really!!!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mint & Gold at the seaside!

A very popular current trend is teaming mint & gold as your main wedding colors, I think the color pallete is especially suited to a wedding by the sea! There are so many ways to incorporate touches of gold, without it looking tacky!

Would you choose mint & gold for your wedding by the sea?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wedding in Symi

Hi All,

Today we are featuring a wedding photographed by the highly talented Nikos Papadopoulos Gogas! It is a very simple, clean cut wedding, featuring lovely white roses, olive leaves & candlelight.

The wedding took place in a tiny chapel on a rock basically, that is reachable by boat only! Such a romantic setting!

The reception was in a rooftop restaurant under the stars and the decor was really amazing!

All images by Nikos Papadopoulos, find him at:

Monday, 21 January 2013

Exciting developments for SP Weddings..

Hi All,

I thought I would write a more personal note today, I think it looks quite quiet on the blog, but I am planning several amazing weddings for the coming season and of course this is the time of year when we really need to get all the ground work done!!!

So, searching for great suppliers in small islands is interesting and a challenge! But I love challenges! I think the most difficult part of choosing a supplier is to convey your vision, Greeks tend to want to tell you what you want, instead of listening and following instructions! That can be quite maddening, but you will usually get there in the end!

Do we get there in the end? Absolutely! Is it worth the hassle? Absolutely! Greece is a "rough diamond" absolutely beautiful, with the right kind of treatment it really can become incredible!

I think the greatest virtue is to have patience and persevere!

So exciting developments are that I am re designing the website, streamlining the services we offer and I am sooo enthused by this whole idea!!! Look out for really great things to come!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Kinsterna Hotel & Spa

Hi All,

If you're looking for a magical, historical hotel to relax in after the madness of wedding planning and have a luxurious stay in Greece, Kinsterna is a really good option!A restored Byzantine mansion, that is now a beautiful boutique hotel, near Monemvasia, right at the bottom of the Peloponnese! It entails 27 rooms & suites, some with private sunbathing areas and access to the pool from your room, views to the sea, amazing breakfast and it's own vineyards!

Absolutely adore the pattern on the wall, looks like a traditional Greek bedspread!

I soooo want to have dinner by the pool and lounge, drink cocktails, look at the view!

What a fabulous, fabulous place to stay! Who's joining me on my next long weekend away?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Final Part of the lovely wedding in Pefkos...

Hi All,

I am finishing off the final installment of the wedding in Pefkos that I have featured over the last couple of days and have an exciting line up for the rest of the week!

 The groom waiting for his bride to arrive!

The couple's son was the ringbearer, so adorable!
The kids really were beautiful!

Down the aisle they came!
Isn't this a darling image? The groom and his son waiting for the bride, love it...

Kidding around

The bridesmaids in white!

A very emotional service!

More kidding around!

Just Married!

The beautiful beach below the venue!

Partyyyyyy time!

Oh yes, we joined in the party, the music was great, the crowd was up allllll night, we left with smiles on our faces and sores on our feet!!!

Spiro, you did a great job capturing this one! Find him on