Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fabulous Stefana for your wedding

I have bookmarked this site for a long time and keep visiting it, I actually think the woman is fabulously talented! Stefana can be very boring, very OTT (think large Swarovski crystals all over) or just blend into the background. For those with a love for nature, especially if you have an olive them, then head over to for loads of inspiration! My favourite are:

Loving the combination of plaited copper and olive leaves, sooooo Grecian!!!

The perfect accessory for the minimal bride, white leather stefana with a tan edging, so cool!

This has to be my favourite, this is what summer in Greece looks like!

Again a similiar feel but with greenery, love it!

Feathers and beads, this is for the girly girls, could also work as the something blue, just have to convince your guy it's a good idea!!
Ok, this is off topic but very cute, how a bout a matching buttonhole for the men in the wedding party????

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fantastic videographer in Greece

Hi all,

I am writing about a guy who manages to transform simple videography of an event into an art form! Lee Bakogiannakis is a talented, young individual with an eye for detail!

He recently was recognised as one of the top 25 videographers of the world (by EventDV magazine 2009).

His work speaks for itself, I find his 2 minute clips to be able to communicate the mood, scenery and emotion of the event perfectly. In fact I would be satisfied with only a 3 or 4 minute clip of any event that I organised or planned!

Visit 2DGstyle on:

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sarah Seven Bridesmaids Dresses

Hi again,

Second and final posting on the fabulous coloured Sarah Seven Dresses that I think I like even more than the bridal gowns. I definitely think I should own one of these very, very soon, even if it is only to wear to the cinema when Sex & the City #2 is released!!! (yes me and my girlfriends really did that for the first movie).

Anyway, over to the eye candy of the day:

I am loving navy at the moment, especially teamed with the red belt, this is exactly what I think feminine nautical theme looks like!

You know my opinion on nude, ruffles, all this gorgeousness is adorable!!!

I think this is my favourite colored gown, I adore it and it's the cheapest of the entire collection, I believe it retails at 385 $ on Etsy, please don't quote me on that however!

Long and nude, I could wear this as a bridal gown or as a bridesmaid gown or to a lovely summer party!

As mentioned all gowns created by Sarah Seven, who can be found on Etsy or via her own website

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sarah Seven Wedding Dresses

Hi all,

Well, as those of you that follow the blog know, I write the blog to promote anything and everything to do with planning a wedding in Greece! Lately I have found it difficult to find fresh inspiration and ideas and so have decided to allow myself to post some more International topics, such as wedding dress designers who have collections that are appropriate for an outdoor summer wedding in Greece!

So straight over to a designer that caught my eye a year or so ago and has just going up and up since then! She is fabulous, her dresses are literally worth salivating over and I just can't wait for you to see them:

I adore this dress, it's so simple, I love the styling in all the pictures, but I think this model looks at ease and naturally beautiful!

I am seeing more and more mini dresses appear on bridal blogs and in magazines and I love the idea!!!! So cute, so comfortable and so cool!!! Pair with fabulous shoes of course!

Loving the blue detail on the belt, loving the natural hair, loving the setting, actually I would love to be this woman and wear this dress!

Very gorgeous, love the draping and the bust line, perhaps this one is not as me as the other gowns but would certainly covet any bride who chose this gown for her wedding!

All designs by Sarah Seven, available on Etsy and directly via her website!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Summer Lovin' (for guys)

Good afternoon alll,

As I look through the blog posts from the last years, I do see an important element of the planning not even touched on and that is men's attire!!! Ok, I'll admitt it, it bores me, the thing is you can't do that much with men, it's a suit, a shirt, trousers, there aren't options, there isn't any embellishment and most don't want to experiment with color, so what is the point???? That he's the co star of the day, that is some advice I should keep reminding myself of!!!

Summer lovin

Friday, 9 April 2010

Simple, elegant, true Greece

Sometimes, I overlook what is really important, what I feel Greece is all about, simple, whitewashed houses, with all the character and unique features that distinguish them from anywhere else in the world!!! It always pays to find a unique venue, that you love and can feel the history seeping through the walls, the rest is truly detail!!!

Today I am inspired by beautiful images that help make up.....True Greece!!!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fabulous Wedding Shoes

Today is all about eye candy.....for me!!!!

I am posting a board all about shoes, gorgeous, eye catching, colourful pairs that will compliment any bridal gown!

Fabulous Shoes.....

I love every single pair that I have included on the board, although particularly the the yellow feather shoes and the blue shoes, I think they are both absolutely gorgeous!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Greek Wedding Shoe Designer

Hi All,

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

We are starting off the blog week talking about my favourite!!! I don't talk about shoes nearly enough on this blog, I have such a strong opinion on what I do and don't like, I don't think that I should express my opinion in writing :)

Anyway, today I am talking about a talented shoe designer called Chrisa Dourmazer, she lives in Greece and designs custom shoes for a living!

A couple of her designs are really gorgeous and the best part is that your feet are measured and she then creates the shoe exactly to your requirements, so no small toe hurting or the heel being just a little too high!

I love, love, love this last pair, it's gorgeous, although not right for a beach or informal wedding this would look incredible with a silk wedding gown!

You can find Ms. Dourmazer at