Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wedding Color Pallete #1 trend: Nudes!!!!

If you are a fashionable person, then you will know this is what all the fashionista's are wearing this season. I think that techincally it's not a color, however I have worn it forever and a day, most people at the college where I studied used to ask me if I was obsessed, and to a certain degree, I am!!!

I love the neutral color pallette that you can add a small shot of color in the accessories and complelely transform the look!

So for those deciding on their wedding colors for this season then do consider going nude!!!!

Nude Wedding Color Inspiration

I am loving the nude colored wedding dress, also the bridesmaids in nude satin strapless numbers! I think the key is to have a strong bouquet for the bridesmaids and some small but eye catching colorful details!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Navy & Cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The weather has turned decidedly summery in Greece and we are now dreaming of lazy days on the beach, outdoor dining, great music and great cocktails!!!

Actually looking back on the sentence above that could be the perfect recipe for a laid back summer reception!!!

So our inspiration today is for a cream and navy wedding with plenty of style!!!! Enjoy!!!

Navy and Cream

Friday, 19 March 2010

Handmade leather sandals

There are certain items that are associated with Greece, and leather sandals are one of those, think back to images of the Greek Gods, who wore the sandals under their toga's.

Of course the sandals have come along way and are no longer chunky, masculine and boring, there are so many new design ideas that make them ideal to wear while on holiday, to give as gifts to your wedding party or if possible to all your guests or even to wear under your dress if the wedding is quite informal or on the beach!

Adorned with aqua colored crystals and sparkly flowers, these sandals will ensure that your footwear takes you from day to night in style!

I am loving Green at the moment, so am definitely after owning a pair of these in the next few months!!! So pretty teamed with the neutral shades that are fashionable for Spring/Summer 2010!!!

Feminine galdiators anyone??? I want a pair right now, and so affordable at 60 EUROS!!!

I do believe these would be fit for a bride, hmmm, I may even consider it myself, I think they're truly gorgeous!

All sandals featured above made by Dorina,

With the evil eye being so popular over the last couple of summers what better than to adorn your sandals with some of these Greek beads?

And these cute paste pink beaded sandals would look so pretty for bridesmaids on the beach!!!

Designs above can be found on

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wedding Ring Designs

Hi all,

I happened across the website of Mr. Tzomakas and was pleasantly surprised by some interesting wedding ring designs he was displaying!

I definitely like this band, it is simple yet interesting, I would perhaps have the base as pink gold with the raised part as white gold!

This is the reverse of the previous design and I possibly like this a little better, I am uncertain if one of the raised parts is white gold and the second is yellow gold!

I love the simplicity of the ring and the fact that it looks like two rings that fit inside each other! Very cute!

Again pink and white gold seem look really nice together! I would perhaps like a third band of yellow gold, although uncertain if it would be OTT!

Perhaps just the good ol' plain gold band is the best option???? Does anyone have any opinions on the matter? I would love some feedback!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mamma Mia, how to achieve the look for your wedding day in Greece!!!

Good afternoon,

I am touching on what I believe is a favourite topic with anyone planning a wedding in Greece, although there are many settings and variables when planning your own wedding, this seems to be a theme or look that really appeals to most brides (and some grooms).

Photo from

What I really want to discuss today is what made this film and indeed this type of wedding so appealing. Is it only really possible to re create this style of wedding in Skopelos where this darling chapel on top of the rock can be found or is it simply about finding the location with a similiar feel? And what were the elements that made this set up so spectacular yet not over the top at the same time?

Photo from
  1. The Location chosen was key, however it is not unique to Greece, there are many absolutely fantastic chapels in Greece
  2. The Music, the soundtrack was really powerful, it put everyone in a good mood and it was recognisable, making it the perfect combination
  3. Actors, the cast was incredible as were most of their performances, again this was key to the huge success of the film
  4. Storyline, the scenario was fun, hopeful, light and entertaining!
I think when you came away from the cinema or theatre or in my case the plane ride (went by in a whizz by the way), you really feel warm and fuzzy, it was a fantastic promotion of Greece, it was simple, blue and white, a laid back tiny Greek island and not a bad depiction of the "True Greece".

Photo from

So in terms of the actual wedding scene in the film, what were the elements that were the most important in creating this fabulous, awe inspiring setting?

  1. Church Setting, OK so I do admit this was spectacular, out of the ordinary and utterly gorgeous!!!! As mentioned before there are other equally spectacular locations for a wedding in Greece, do keep in mind that church weddings are only available to those baptised in the Greek Orthodox church, however there are areas in Greece that allow civil weddings in the grounds or even on gorgeous beaches or in old buildings, so think broad when choosing the location
  2. Transportation, depending on the area that you choose for the wedding it is really lovely to be able to have you and your guests walk to the church and perhaps even to the reception afterwards. The donkey certainly adds to the authenticity and makes for gorgeous pictures, however I do advise that you practice once or twice before as it a little scary!!!
  3. Wedding Attire, I think the look would be described as laid back glamour with a little hippy and it did actually take my breath away, I adored the wedding dress, the hair, the gold leaf wreath in her hair, it was simply perfect! I would recommend looking for a cotton or tea stained tulle to recreate the look, it really suits the setting well! For the men a linen shirt with smart trousers, perhaps flip flops for those that can carry it off or some soft loafers! Bridesmaids in a pretty pastel shade or perhaps even a vibrant colour will work but keep the dresses in a matte fabric, shiny would look very bad against the pretty white houses!
  4. Bridal bouquet, the concept here is natural, think of a handpicked bunch of wild flowers, now I can't say this will be possible, but that should be the style! Keep all arrangements very loose, natural, uneven and definitely use old vases, or buckets, not glass or contemporary containers, that would ruin the look entirely!
  1. Hotel, or guest house that the bride's mum owned was certainly run down and could only be described as shabby chic, yet perfectly Greek, I think the setting proves that as long as you can find somewhere authentic, perferably with a fantastic view, the rest is down to the details that really make the difference, think coloured lights overhead, white linens, simple arrangements but mainly good food, good music and plenty of dancing!
  2. The Pier, now this isn't an important part of the film, however I do think that if you are trying to achieve a Mamma Mia style wedding, it is important to incorporate a photo shoot on a pier with you and your wedding party! I think it's actually quite integral!
  3. Wedding Color palette, certainly the white and blue will already be in place, so you want to enhance this rather than take away from it, I would suggest a very neutral and natural palette if not an all white palette, very simple, nothing particularly eye catching, yet chosen carefully to blend, I know this may be hard to comprehend but you don't want anything to look to "done"!

All photographs from

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Kostarellos Wedding Dresses 2010

Good afternoon,

I am back with a post on what is turning out to be my favourite fashion designer!!! His work for this year is gorgeous with the perfect balance between fashion and class that is so important in a wedding dress. His use of fabrics and designs are very fashion forward for Greece and I am so pleased to see that brides are now looking above and beyond the classic meringue!

I think all of these dresses are gorgeous, I especially like the low back gown in the centre!

These gowns are my absolute favourites, I like each of them for different reasons, but especially the first two, in fact the perfect scenario would be to wear the first to the ceremony and the second to the reception or even for after dinner when the party starts!

Finally I am totally inspired by these two gorgeous gowns, I think they would be perfect as bridesmaids or koumbara dresses and loving these two colours at the moment and the shoes!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Inspirational favours or bobonieres

Hi all,

I know, long time no see, write, hear, nothing!!! I was at a conference last week and although I lugged the laptop all the way I didn't get a chance to even switch it on!! Oh well, I'm back today and starting the week with some of the loveliest favour ideas I have seen!

Those of you that read my blog will know that I looooooove beige, so the favours above are so appealing it's unreal!

And mother of pearl buttons.......I love!

Sparkly, yet not tacky, I would definitely be happy with these boxes at my wedding!

I saved the best for last, how perfect are these for an island wedding in Greece?

All favours created by the very talented Ioanna Karayanni,

Friday, 5 March 2010

Super fun wedding in Rhodes

Good afternoon all,

I am posting a fabulous wedding today that took place in Rhodes on a warm afternoon last September! The couple wanted to keep the wedding very small in Greek terms (around 150 guests) and to have a really nice day and I think they pulled it off perfectly!


I love this picture of the groom, I think he looks serious yet quite dashing (not a word you hear every day huh?)


As in the Greek tradition, the bride's friends help her get dressed, I always love these images!


Real concentration was required as there were so many tiny buttons to do up on the back of the dress!

The bride arrives in a super stylish pink (yes this is the real colour, no enhancement) Vokswagen Beetle

Isn't this image breathtaking? 
The bride and groom walking toward the church together!


Time for the serious task of the religious ceremony, the couple were very attentive throughout!

And it's all over!!!!!!!!!


A quick photoshoot took place on Filerimos

A quick kiss before entering the reception venue!

Marital bliss!

And lots of fun!!!
I wish the beautiful couple much, much hapiness and hope to see additions to the family very soon!

All photographs by my talented friend Spiros Tsambikakis,

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vassilis Zoulias, Old Athens

Good afternoon all,  I have been crazy with work and unable to update the blog! I have thought of interesting ideas and concepts however and am ready to return to the wonderful "blogger's" world!!!

Today I am paying homage to the fabulous Greek designer, Vassilis Zoulias, I adore him, his concept is the return to the older way of manufacturing clothes, the handmade, luxurious fabrics, lady like designs and very, very gorgeous shoes!!!

I have selected three of my favourite designs, that could be worn by a fashion forward bride that wants a fifties style look, a bridesmaid or even a guest, I'm certain they would be so wonderful to wear and am determined to own one of his creations at some point in the future.


I love the shape of this dress, the flowy silk fabric, the tone on tone sash and of course the feather hat, such a stylish look!


Elegance is what springs to mind when I look at this dress, simple elegance!
Loving the buttercup yellow!


Super stylish fifties dress, of course the sash is the distinguishing feature that completes the look!!!