Monday, 30 November 2009

All things bling......

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Today's post is all about wedding rings, they are not all simple wedding bands as some would have you believe, there are many, many ideas, designs, types and styles of wedding bands, of tourse what you choose is important as it is likely to be the piece of jewellery that you will wear most throughout your life.

So starting from the top left corner we have a simple wedding band by Anne Kiel with the word "promise" etched inside, I love this idea, to some it will be corny, most don't want a personal message to show, this is something that only you and your partner need know about and I love the simple message that it conveys!

Next, in the top right corner we have a stack gold ring by Artisan Field, this looks much less like a wedding ring than a simple band and is quite a fashionable look at the moment, I personally like the idea, I would like to wear this and love the worn effect on the gold.

Below to the left, Fabuluster has created these fabulous rings with your partners finger print on the inside, do you not think this is really cool? It's certainly an innovation for modern couples that don't like the inscription idea but want something more than a simple wedding band!

Next to it is Creative Goldsmith's creation, a very thin gold band with three tiny diamonds in it, this is certainly for the very feminine and I think it would suit a lady with petite hands, I would like to think that it would suit me, but I doubt it, my hands are not what you would describ as petite, oh well!

Nutri Design has designed the next ring, it's a band that looks like a plait, I think this has a vintage air to it, I like the design, I think it's interesting to look at and quite pretty, I'm not certain if men would accept to wear a matching band, but then again, I don't really think that wedding bands have to be matching pairs anyway.

Just to the left we have my favourite ring, created by Nutri Design, this is a great choice for the whimsical bride, does the ring remind anyone else of fairies and fairytales or is that just me? Love it!!!

On the bottom left, there is a ring with a classic Greek key design on it, an obvious choice to remind couples of the location of their destination wedding! Made by Tinahdee

Just to the right, Tinahdee again created this worn and weathered looking simple pink gold wedding band, I do think it is gorgeously simple, elegant and chic!

Finally, the gold band with three small diamonds by Patrickrla.Jewelry is a beautiful yet minimal option for an understated, luxurious look, after all diamonds are a girls best friend, so what better than to have some encrusted into your wedding band?

Friday, 27 November 2009

Wedding things I love

While surfing Etsy earlier this afternoon, I decided to do some searches and present my favourit items du jour to you!  For anyone that hasn't heard of Etsy this is an online "market stall" that sells heaps of handmade items. There is a whole section labelled wedding where you can find almost anything related to your wedding, from ring pillows to actual bridal gowns!

Today I concentrated on hair accessories which I think are incredibly important as they show in almost every single picture taken! I do think that having fun with them is essential and if you are in doubt or a little self conscious, why not wear a traditional veil and then change your accessory to something a little more fresh and daring for the reception?

Wedding things
Credits: Satanica, Little White Dresser, Sibod Designs, Kiss Curl, La Boheme (6)

I particulrly love the headbands made of lace, I think they are extremely flattering and in keeping with a summer/beach themed wedding! They are also simple to take on and off, add no weight to your head and can be worn in hot conditions without making you feel overdone!

Of course the vintage inspired bird cage veils and feathery flowers are simply divine, what fun to wear these and buy matching coloured ones to compliment your bridesmaids outfits.

All items  are on sale at

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Simple details..........lead to a perfect beach wedding

Minimal Beach theme
Credits: Doug McGoldrick, Heather Kincaid, Twin Lens, Martha Stewart (2), ak event design, Adeline and Grace Photography, Karen Wise

Good afternoon all,

Today's inspiration board illustrates how simple and inexpensive details can transform a simple beach wedding into an awe inspiring, picture worthy event.

Note jam jars, string, straw, white candles, fairy lights are really all you need to create this look!

Focus on white and cream tones with some earthy and green accents to add a little depth. Evening lighting can transform a venue completely and creates such a romantic atmosphere with very little effort.

The little pails with sweets that look like pebbles are the perfect favour to give guests, you could even set up a small candy bar with blue and white sweets and pebbles and guests could fill their pails as they leave for the evening!

The paper umbrella idea is truly inspirational and effective, again without being costly! Such a cool idea!

I suppose what this post is all about is urging people to spend time (not money) on considering the small details, these are what can transform an event, making it memorable and stylish!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Vintage, glamorous beach theme

Happy Monday all,

I thought I would start out the week with a gorgeous inspiration board that I hope will have you swooning as much as me!

The concept is to team minimal beach chic with vintage glam, as usual the secret lies in all the details that will really accentuate the theme and these should certainly be chosen carefully and not overdone!

I am thinking:

  • Feathers (but small amounts)
  • Fascinators
  • Large corsages of either real or long lasting flowers, these would be gorgeous on all the ladies in thewedding party!
  • Parasols
  • Lace
  • Ribbon
  • Sashes (perhaps coloured ones fastened with a brooch)
  • Simple white bouquets
Of course first and foremost, a drop dead gorgeous setting for the ceremony to take place, look at the image with the rock and the couple, this is natural beauty in all it's glory, no need for dressing this place up, just add details to personalise and leave the rest to nature!

Beach themed wedding
Credits: Millie Holloman Photography, Millie Holloman Photography, Marianne Taylor Photography, Marianne Taylor, Elizabeth Messina (2), Oh How Charming! (2), Orchard Cove Photography, Silvana Di Franco, Daria Bishop Photographers, Jake McBride, Christian Oth Studio

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Themes, Ideas, Planning - But what is available in Greece?

Good afternoon all, well continuing my new direction with the blog, I have decided to write today's post on the subject of turning your vision for your wedding into reality in Greece. When it comes down to it, what can you get hold of in this country and what is difficult or even impossible to find!!!

Over to themes:

Clean & simple
White on white
Elegant & Classic

These are themes that are easily supported by most venues in Greece, think white linens, covered chairs, white porcelain, clear glasses, beach side, pool side, open air modern spaces, spaces with wood pergola's.

Outdoor garden weddings
Cobbles & stones

These are more challenging themes, however not impossible and depends on your exact requirements, if the venue reflects the chosen theme, ie we locate a historic venue or lush garden setting, the lighting, tables, chairs and table settings are possible to get hold of.

Please note that most catering companies only supply rotary (round) tables and covered chairs, although SP Weddings aims to work with suppliers that can also provide oblong wooden tables and chairs as a second option for clients.

Shabby chic

This is where the going gets tough, there are no catering companies that supply mismatched crockery and glasses, nor understand this concept. It is also a huge challenge to find coloured linens, even napkins and coloured glassware is also almost impossible to get hold of.

In lieu of the above, please note that when mentioning historic settings in 99% of cases it is impossible to get permission to use any archaeological sites for a ceremony or reception in Greece. We can however rent some private properties that can be between 100-500 years old that do offer the "historic" setting that is popular for weddings at the moment.

Hiring a castle for a wedding in Greece is an almost impossible mission unfortunately!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Budgeting for a wedding in Greece

Good afternoon to all,

After my trip over to London which I thoroughly enjoyed and a few days in Athens, I am back in the office and ready to get into my blogging mode again!

Although the topic I have chosen today may seem tedious and boring to some it is actually the most critical question when planning a wedding abroad, Can you afford it?

The answer to this is extremely complex, I get asked this question by almost every bride that contacts me, they give me a brief idea of what they want and then ask how much it will cost!

For example, I would like a wedding on a beach for 80 guests followed by a cocktail reception, sit down meal, dinner and dancing until the early hours and I want lots of candles, flowers, fairy lights and a gorgeous cake. Then they ask me what will that cost?

When I was starting in wedding planning, I used to answer that question, I would sit down with a calculator, add all the average prices together, think of some options and give a price that I thought would cover the wedding that the bride was looking for. However in most cases this would get me into more trouble than it was worth, for instance further down the line, the bride would tell me that the cocktail hour she wanted had free flowing Moet champagne cocktails and not one fruit punch per person that I had calcutaled, what does this equal? Friction.

Then I would find out that the bride wanted imported peonies throughout all the centrepieces and bouquets, when my florist had quoted on locally sourced roses or lillies, again, friction.

Unfortunately it takes a lot more talking, emailing and thinking that some might think to give an idea on the price of a wedding!

So in order to provide a helpful guide on the approximate prices one might expect when planning a wedding in Greece:

Bridal bouquet: 40-200 Euros
Centrepiece:     30-150 Euros

Live Greek Band 800-1500 Euros
DJ                       300-700  Euros

(There is a huge variable here depending on the type and location of the venue that you choose)

Taverna meal                       20-50 Euros
Upmarket taverna on beach 35-80 Euros
3-4 Star Hotel reception      35-80 Euros
5 Star Hotel reception        50-150 Euros
Catering to private venue    40-200 Euros


Local photographer, no learned skills     350-500 Euros
Photo journalist photographer            1000-3000 Euros
Videographer (includes montage)           500-800 Euros
Photojournalism videographer            1000-5000 Euros


2 minute display                               800-1000 Euros
5 minute display                              1500-3000 Euros

I hope this is a helpful guide of prices in Greece!!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Just a note

Hi all,

Just a short note to let you know that I will be on a business trip until the 18th of November and unable to post during this time. I hope you will check back with me after that as we have some very interesting articles and information lined up:

Budgeting for a wedding in Greece
Where and what is available to hire in Greece
How to put together the ideal elegant Greek wedding reception menu

Some more dresses from some fabulous Greek designers

Stay tuned....

Photo by Annie Angelopoulou

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Greek Wines

Hi all,  I am embarking on a new chapter in the blog that is going to discuss Greek wines and foods that are extremely important factors for those planning a wedding in Greece!

If the last time you have tried a Greek wine was in the days when retsina and Domestica were the only options, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. The winemakers have come along in leaps and bounds and are now becoming recognised worldwide as some of the best wines in the world.

As it is impossible to keep your finger on the pulse and make an informed decision regarding what wine to serve are your wedding reception, I aim to give a simple yet concise overview of what is available, the vineyards that are in my opinion ones to watch and of course the ones to try in the run up to your wedding!

So let's get started with my favourite variety of wine that is Moschofilero, which is mainly produced in the Peloponnese region and especially in the Mantinia area. The wine is an aromatic white, with floral, spicy and citrus flavours.

This type of wine is best served with hors d'oeuvres and any foods that contain olive oil, onion or lemon as it really accentuates the flavors.

Some producers of the Moschofilero variety to look out for are: Skouras (average price 6-7 EUROS), Semeli (9 EUROS ), Mercouri and Domain Spiropoulos (9 EUROS).

Assyrtiko, is another flavourable very dry white wine, initially produced on Santorini island, now also in other areas around Greece. The wine has earthy tones, a steely, citrusy flavour which comes from the volcanic earth on the island.

This wine is best served with fish or seafood.

The producer that we suggest you look out for is Ktima Gerovasileiou (12 EUROS), Chatzimichali (11 EUROS) and Amethystos by Lazaridi (11 EUROS).

Agiorgitiko, a full bodied red wine produced in the Peloponnese and especially the Nemea area, this spicy, plummy wine is an excellent choice to be served with grilled tuna, Greek spicy sausages, souvlaki, roast chicken or other traditional meat based dishes.

The labels to look out for are Nemea (14 EUROS), Skouras (10 EUROS) and Vivlia Chora (16 EUROS)

Monday, 2 November 2009

Selling Manuel Mota for Pronovias Wedding Dress

As mentioned in the previous post, the beautiful bride is selling her gorgeous wedding dress!!!



The dress was Santana, by Manuel Mota for Pronovias, purchased in June 2009, worn once, in pristine condition, the measurements are:

Chest 78 cm
Waist 59 cm
Hips 86 cm

The dress was bought for 1800 EUROS and the bride is asking for 900 EUROS making it a bargain at half price!

If anyone is interested please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

A Rock & Roll Bride in Athens

Hi all, I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today I am posting an incredibly cool wedding that took place in Athens this past summer! I absolutely loooooooved the bride's look, she really let her personality shine through and refused to confirm to the "classic" bride look, which in Greece 9 out of 10 times means adding extensions and curling your hair, or having a very untrendy chignon.

The bride has such a strong punk look and seemingly refused to tame down her look in order to conform to the "norm". I am so pleased as I think her look literally, ROCKS!!!

I think this might be my favourite image, the bride looks so calm and collected and content! The image is also gorgeous!

On second thoughts, perhaps this is my favourite, you can just make out the silhouette of the bride in the car arriving at the ceremony venue!

This is a classic "fun" image, the part of the Greek Orthodox ceremony where most people are laughing, happy and moving, so this fabulously pretty bride of course looks gorgeous in the image!

The finale is an image of the couple's first dance, which took place at a beautiful venue just outside the city of Athens

Did I mention that this beautiful couple are childhood sweethearts and have been together for years and years? That small detail makes me look at the pictures in an entirely different light.

Speaking of pictures, all the images above are courtesy of the wonderfully talented Magdalene Kourti, you can find more information on her work at

Watch out for the next post on the bride's gorgeous gown that we are going to put up for sale!!!!! Coming Next.............