Monday, 19 October 2009

Costarellos Wedding Gowns

Today we are on a fashion update mission, showcasing some of the most talented Greek  wedding dress designers who really do us proud and prove that there is great talent and creativity in the country!

So over to the beautiful dresses created by Mr. Costarellos.

I think this is my favourite image, the model looks like a fairy with beautiful, transparent wings!!! Ok, I have to agree that most brides will probably not be using this pose on their wedding day, but I do think it is a beautiful dress and can imagine it moving while on the dancefloor. This dress really demonstrates my taste and is certainly something I would choose to wear on my wedding day!

I am really attracted to the bodice of this dress, I think it is so fresh and new, I love that there is no beading, yet it is such a feminine, flowing dress that is cut beautifully!

This is the dress for the modern bride, with it's tiering (an oh so trendy feature of wedding dresses at the moment), I love that the layers use different fabrics so some are shiny and others matte, it creates a really interesting effect with contrasting textures, again another major trend in the fashion world! I do think it is quite Spanish looking as well and very forgiving for those wanting to disguise any small body flaws.

Again and again you will notice that my "thing" is the back of the dress, I just think that it is the area that you can really show off without being too revealing or offending anyone. It is also easy to cover up with a veil or shawl while in church if you feel the back is inappropriate.

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