Friday, 30 July 2010

Wedding Statistics for 2009

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It's generally quite manic around the office lately, so do excuse me for the lull in posts!!!

Today we are reviewing wedding statistics which I think are incredibly interesting!

The most popular city in the world to get married is ................................. yes you guessed it Las Vegas with 115.000 couples tying the knot in 2008.

The average number of guests invited to a wedding is 152

In 2008 2.162.000 couples got married spending an incredible 86 $ billion dollars, so this is definitely an expensive industry where people spend a huge amount of money!

In the UK the average couple spend 22,858 British pounds and 53% pay for their own weddings.

An estimated 51.300 weddings take place abroad each year, with 1 in 6 UK couples choosing to tie the knot abroad.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Top 10 first wedding dance songs

Today I am featuring the top 10 first wedding dance songs, as created by my very good friends Nick & George who are my DJ's in Rhodes! Find them on their new Facebook group:

1.Snow patrol-Chasing cars
2.John Mayer-Say
3.Jason Mraz-I'm yours
4.Aerosmith-I don't wanna miss a thing
5.Frank Sinatra-Fly me to the moon
6.Jack Johnson-Better together
7.FrankieValli-Can't take my eyes off you
8.Bill Withers-Just The Two Of Us
9.Elvis-Can't help falling in love
10.Wet wet wet-Love is all around

 I am currently loving the top 3 songs, although perhaps a classic is the best option? 

What was/is your first song going to be?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Clever ideas to light up your wedding reception

As dusk falls on a hot summer's evening on a beautiful outdoor location next to the sea, all colors disappear and  the lighting comes into focus! More often than not, by the time it comes to sit down to your reception in Greece, it is almost night time, before that it is is simply too hot to sit outdoors unless the area is shaded. Couples tend to go for a ceremony later in the evening in order to ensure their guests are comfortable at the reception.

The importance of lighting the reception venue becomes even more imperative, with candles, overhead lighting, fairy lights and lanterns taking centre stage and setting the mood for the evening!

I have gathered a few clever lighting ideas which would be ideal at a beachside reception by the sea or even with a view to the sea

Clever Lighting Ideas

Friday, 16 July 2010

Our best posts on Weddings in Greece

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Super busy week and I wasn't able to get any time to blog!

Today I have decided to re cap on some of my favorite subjects that I have blogged about in the past, so if you missed any of the posts below, this is your chance to catch up on them!

We start off with a really cute inspiration board featuring colourful bridal bouquets, ideal for those looking to add a little color to your wedding day!

For those of you who read my posts every week, you will know I am obsessed with fashoin and especially shoes, so I created a beautiful board with some fabulous shoes:

Next up, the trend of the season, NUDE, add it to your wedding, teamed with cream or white for a super chic and minimal wedding pallete.

One of the all time favourite movies created in Greece is Mamma Mia, here is our guide to achieving the look at your wedding!

My fantasy wedding that I organised last year turned out so, so well!!! Visit the article below to see what all the fuss is about.

Are you pondering over your wedding menu for your reception meal in Greece? Take inspiration from our ideas of how to create a Greek feast that is certain to please your guests!

Are you deciding on the final details like your wedding cake? Find out what a Greek wedding cake traditionally looks like and is made of.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Fashion Forward Bride

So what exactly makes a fashion forward bride? What elements are important and where do you draw the line between looking unique and just over the top?

The following board demonstrates what we feel are the most important elements to creating a fashion forward wedding day look:

Fashion Forward Bride

1. A fantastic dress with a fashiony element, think ruffles, feathers, an unusual trim, a short length, a very low back, whatever suits you and your personality best
2. A great hairstyle and make up, again perhaps a little different to your normal do's but with an edgy side to it too
3. A pair of fab shoes, this is a must, wear something you love and would wear again
4. Wear a hair piece, this is soooo in fashion at the moment and there are so many styles out there, birdcage veils, feather headpieces, bands, etc. try them all on and decide which suits you best
5. I think it's fun to hold a parasol, so I threw this one in to the mix, perhaps a colored one matching your scheme would elevate the look?

Top 10 first wedding night suites in Greece

As with all girls, they dream of getting ready for their wedding in a beautiful suite, surrounded by their closest family and friends and a glass of champagne to hand! After your wedding day, which will probably have included many emotional high's and perhaps a few low's, lots of dancing, walking, standing, smiling, you are bound to be more than a little drained. Ensuring that you have a gorgeous suite to return to, to share with your new husband, a fabulous bathroom with a massive tub or jacuzzi, a view to wake up and take in, a comfortable bed (four poster if possible if you're asking me) and of course you can take it from here, a private pool, breakfast in bed, ambience music, more champagne, rose petals, couple's massages in the morning, etc.etc.etc. The list is endless, the point is that it is important to find a room that you will love and remember almost as much as the previous day's events.

Today I have compiled my top 10 suites that I would recommend to newlyweds or those spending their honeymoon in Greece:

1. Grecotel Amirandes, located near Heraklion right on the beach, this luxurious hotel offers almost any amenity imaginable and more!

2. Spirit of the Knights, a tiny boutique hotel, situated in the heart of the Medieval City of Rhodes, a must for those wanting to relax and take in some old world charm.

3. Ekies Resort, in Halkidiki, a fantastic hotel with a beautiful beach and picturesque scenery

4. Arhontiko Ioannidis, Greece is not only about the islands, venture inland to the spot local's choose for their holiday's, Pilio a mountaenous, green area dotted with stone built villages with access to fabulous beaches, something to satisfy almost anyone!

5. Thalatta Hotel, located in Evia, a couple of hours drive from Athens on the beachfront, this stylish hotel offers incredible views and an array of different rooms to suit your needs.

6. Lindian Village Hotel, probably the best hotel on the island of Rhodes, built in a village style, the grounds are vast, many restaurants, pools, a spa, outdoor gym and a great beach to choose from, plenty to keep you occupied if required!

7. Mykonos Blu, located funnily enough in Mykonos is such a fantastic hotel, small, boutique on one of the best beaches of the island and can you believe this is a private pool located at the foot of your bed????

8. Semantron, Peloponnese, a fabulous estate with incredible grounds, service and a range of outdoor activities!

9. Homeric Poems, located in the beautiful Santorini the island with the famous sunset, breathtaking views and cute white washed villages attracts many tourists every year, choose carefully and you can elevate your stay to the next level, the honeymoon suite in this hotel is gorgeous, ask for the room with the jacuzzi under a staid glassed dome!

10. Elies Resort in Sifnos, located in a private bay, this gorgeous white washed hotel offers incredible service on an island that is incredibly cute, a good substitute for those looking for a quieter version of Mykonos or Santorini!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Orsalia Parthenis, Modern Wedding Dress Designer in Greece

Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by a truly professional fashion designer who works in Greece, they are hard to come by!!!!!!!!! Not to say that there isn't fashion talent out there, however to find someone who pays so much attention to their image on the web, designs fantastic collections and keeps the prices realistic, I think that is quite unique!

So today I pay homage to Orsalia Parthenis, proof that there is taste in Greek wedding dress design and in photography!

More information at