Thursday, 22 October 2009

Greek Wedding Cakes

Today I wanted to explain the pros and cons of choosing a Greek or foreign style wedding cake to serve at the wedding reception.

Greek wedding cake is very creamy, typically there are very thin layers of sponge amongst layers of syrup and cream. The outside is "iced" with more cream and decorated in a style to complement the overal wedding theme or choice of the couple. It is common to have a cake stand with many cakes placed on it, however due to the lightweight style of the cake and the fact that it is not iced, there isn't a way that Greek cakes can form the popular tiered look that most are used to.

It is quite common in these times for Greek couples to want to achieve a modern or what they percieve as a "European" style wedding, so the need has arisen to create tiered cakes with hard icing that resemble those we all see in wedding magazines, however there are two issues with creating these cakes, one is that the Greeks do not actually want cake after their dinner, this is more of an accompaniment to their morning coffee, the second is that a typical Greek wedding has at least 300 guests at the reception, it is extremely difficult to bake enough circular cakes in tiers to feed all these guests. So the chefs in large hotels took on this challenge and found a solution that always makes me smile when I see it being practiced, the create a white cake made of styrofoam, that is then iced and they bake the top tier each time and decorate it as specified by the couple, the bride and groom then cut a piece out of the top tier as is traditional and all the guests get served from sheet cakes (meaning the same flavour cake is cooked in an oblong container).

Increasingly however, you can find bakers who are trying to create "real" wedding cakes, that can be presented in tiers and flavoured as in the rest of the world. We at SP Weddings are in touch with the bakers that we feel are experienced enough to be able to produce a gorgeous and tasty wedding cake in any shape, style or form requested and aim to offer this service around Greece to our clients.

We have created cup cake towers, shot glasses of puddings, traditional fruitcakes and cakes in many different flavours and continue to experiment with new ideas and decoration techniques!

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