Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Our top 5 wedding cocktails

Hi All,

A well thought out cocktail can add a fun element to a cocktail hour, think about matching the color or the garnish to your theme, ensure the vessels in which the drink is served is appropriate, consider whethere you would like it displayed in jogs, pitchers, glass barrels or made there and there by the bar man, this can add an element of entertainment if the bar man is experienced and knows how to hold a crowd!

If I were choosing my top 5 favourite cocktails of the moment, they would have to be:

from recipetips.com

  1. White Sangria, a recent discovery, it's a refreshing drink, perfect for a hot summer's day, it can be made quite light with less spirits, so it's more like a fruity spritzer and the perfect start to a party!
from babble.com

 2. Next Up the fabulous Mojito, hugely popular in the past few years it's a mix of white rum, brown sugar, mint and soda! Some of my favourite variations of the cocktail are blush mojito, simply add a dash of cranberry juice, orange basil mojito, replace the mint leaves with basil and add a dash or fresh orange juice.

from myrecipes.com
3. No wedding reception would be complete without some bubbly cocktails, this particular one is a pomegranate champagne, made with champagne, pomegranate juice and creme de cassis, you could optionally garnish with pomegranate kernels, delicious

From eggshellgreen.com

4. Frozen fruit cocktails are a wonderful idea for a summer wedding cocktail hour, ideal to cool all your guests down after several hours of preparation and watching the wedding ceremony! I personally love anything with berries in it, so have chosen a strawberry daquiri, made with rum, fresh strawberries and a little sugar! Some variations are pineapple, lime, blueberry, raspberry, etc.

From adaytoremember.com
5. Finally, sometimes it's best no to meddle with the obvious, give your guests a glass of ice cold champagne or sparkling wine with a berry in it, almost everyone will appreciate and enjoy this drink and it looks fabulous!!! I am liking the champagne coup at the moment, I think it's a refreshing change and looks really cool, so if you can get hold of them, why not???

Monday, 28 June 2010

Short Wedding Dresses

I think my taste in wedding dresses changes at lightning speed, which is why through my short engagement, I have changed what I liked many times, although have stuck with the original design and will wear that to my wedding!

I am definitely having a short dress moment, of course this is an ideal choice for a destination wedding, especially when teamed with killer shoes and fabulous accessories!

Here are some of my favourites at the moment:

Marchesa is a favourite designer, her draping is AMAZING and I love almost every design of hers that I have seen on a catwalk or red carpet over the last few years! This little white number is simply fabulous although you must be thin and tall to pull the look off!

For the more lady like or 50's inspired bride, this Priscilla of Boston dress is a dream, I love the metallic peep toe shoes, although of course I could see a cherry red or olive green shoe complimenting the dress depending on the location of the wedding!

A selection of wedding gowns will almost certainly include a Monique Lhuillier gown, the woman is simply fantastic at designing and this little white dress is proof that you can wear a short dress and feel like a bride! I feel that this dress is more for a petite bride with a romantic outlook!

Herve Leger is known for his bandage dresses that became so popular during 2009 with the body con moment, for those with a killer body, why not show it off in this simple and elegant dress?

Alberta Ferretti has created this classy white dress, I think it would compliment most figures, especially an hourglass shape and could work on a slightly older bride who doesn't feel she can "do" cute anymore!

Alfred Angelo designed this cute dress, I see this on a young bride, it definitely gives off an innocent vibe, I think you could accessorize it up!

Finally, this frothy, frilly and fabulous Lanvin creation, yes it's ridiculous, yes you could never wear it again, but I LOVE IT!!!!!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Inspiring Beach Weddings

Hi All,

I am loving this gorgeous beach wedding featured on StyleMePretty.com last week! The laid back approach to the drop dead gorgeous beachside event is hugely inspiring!

During the ceremony the main focal point was a tree on the beach, simple and beautiful!

The reception featured loads of candles and fairy lights on the beach, which is a recipe for an elegant affair!

Here's hoping we can all be inspired by this beautiful wedding and I look forward to organising many of these on a Greek beach very soon!

Inspiring Beach Wedding

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Hi all,

I think sometimes when you are in a frame of mind that is not conducive to writing blogs regarding weddings, it's best to let pictures do all the talking.........................

I adore this board, it truly inspires me!!!


Friday, 11 June 2010

Inspiring wedding favors

Hi All,

I am loving these wedding favors that I saw over on yfes.gr today:

This is a new type of favor that is becoming increasingly popular, I think it's quite pretty and most display them on hanging trees outside the church or in the entrance to the reception. I think you can re use them as keyrings which is a nice idea!

What a simple idea, a fabric knotted around itself, it makes for a very minimal and chic looking favor!

Simple and elegant!!!

All favors available at www.yfes.gr

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wedding Bands

Good afternoon,

When choosing a wedding band, I think it is important to remember that this is piece of jewelry that you will almost certainly wear on a daily basis. For me it is a vital decision when planning your wedding and I personally would like to be able to look down and love the ring whether it's worn alone or in combination with an engagement or eternity ring.

Although I am an avid supporter of simple choices, I do like to look at all the options available out there. Next comes the decision of what color gold, yes white gold is particularly fashionable but will this trend last way into the future or is yellow gold the failsafe choice? Or perhaps pink gold (I kinda love it) is a good compromise keeping away from matchy, matchy with your other jewelry (in fashion anything goes so why not in your jewelry choices?

I loved brushed gold seeing it here teamed with very polished, shiny white gold is really pretty! A goes with anything ring really!

Isn't this pretty? A very clever way to incorporate two metals in the same band without it looking like a puzzle!!! 

Another combination of brushed and polished metal, a little wider and more prominent, best to see this on!

Ooohhh, diamonds, pink and white gold, pretty, feminine and definitely something I would love to wear on a daily basis!
I like this combination, it works and I think it looks like someone scattered diamonds around the band randomly, I love that!

Well I had to come back to the simple classics, love the shape, love the groove (is that correct?) love the simplicity!

There you have it, all rings available from breuning.gr, anyone have any thoughts on choosing the right ring? What criteria did they use? Any regrets?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

When I think of Greece, I can't help but think of light, white flowy materials. What is the norm in terms of outfits for women at summer weddings in Greece? Do women veer away from white as it is often dictated? Or do people still wear white and other light colours as it seems like it could be more weather appropriate?
I really want to make sure my outfit is cultural and weather appropriate so I would really appreciate any feedback!

In general it is not appropriate to wear any shade of white, cream or ivory to a wedding, especially if it is a long and flowing dress. Depending on the bride she may or may not take offence.

However a long and flowing dress in any range of blues and greens perhaps even yellows would be ideal and is certainly the type of clothing that is expected at a formal Greek wedding. Sequins and sparkles are generally very popular at weddings as is a formal hair do.

I hope you enjoy the wedding and find a dress that you love!

 I love your blog (even though I'm a guy). My fiance and I are getting married this summer in Antiparos. I was wondering if you have any advice on the actual sacrament of marriage in the Greek Orthodox Church and how would be the best way to split up the readings into Greek and English? We're trying to decide which parts to do in which language. Thankfully, our priest is really nice and has agreed to this!

You're so lucky to have found a priest who will agree to allow you to customise the Orthodox ceremony, to date I have never had the pleasure, so unfortunately would find it hard to advise you on how to best to divide the readings!

Perhaps the initial part of the ceremony, where the priest betroths the two of you could be said in both Greek and English and again the part where he marries the two of you, I think you want to give just enough information to keep the English speakers captivated and informed, otherwise you will make it a little complicated for anyone to follow!