Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

When I think of Greece, I can't help but think of light, white flowy materials. What is the norm in terms of outfits for women at summer weddings in Greece? Do women veer away from white as it is often dictated? Or do people still wear white and other light colours as it seems like it could be more weather appropriate?
I really want to make sure my outfit is cultural and weather appropriate so I would really appreciate any feedback!

In general it is not appropriate to wear any shade of white, cream or ivory to a wedding, especially if it is a long and flowing dress. Depending on the bride she may or may not take offence.

However a long and flowing dress in any range of blues and greens perhaps even yellows would be ideal and is certainly the type of clothing that is expected at a formal Greek wedding. Sequins and sparkles are generally very popular at weddings as is a formal hair do.

I hope you enjoy the wedding and find a dress that you love!

 I love your blog (even though I'm a guy). My fiance and I are getting married this summer in Antiparos. I was wondering if you have any advice on the actual sacrament of marriage in the Greek Orthodox Church and how would be the best way to split up the readings into Greek and English? We're trying to decide which parts to do in which language. Thankfully, our priest is really nice and has agreed to this!

You're so lucky to have found a priest who will agree to allow you to customise the Orthodox ceremony, to date I have never had the pleasure, so unfortunately would find it hard to advise you on how to best to divide the readings!

Perhaps the initial part of the ceremony, where the priest betroths the two of you could be said in both Greek and English and again the part where he marries the two of you, I think you want to give just enough information to keep the English speakers captivated and informed, otherwise you will make it a little complicated for anyone to follow!

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