Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Our top 5 wedding cocktails

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A well thought out cocktail can add a fun element to a cocktail hour, think about matching the color or the garnish to your theme, ensure the vessels in which the drink is served is appropriate, consider whethere you would like it displayed in jogs, pitchers, glass barrels or made there and there by the bar man, this can add an element of entertainment if the bar man is experienced and knows how to hold a crowd!

If I were choosing my top 5 favourite cocktails of the moment, they would have to be:

from recipetips.com

  1. White Sangria, a recent discovery, it's a refreshing drink, perfect for a hot summer's day, it can be made quite light with less spirits, so it's more like a fruity spritzer and the perfect start to a party!
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 2. Next Up the fabulous Mojito, hugely popular in the past few years it's a mix of white rum, brown sugar, mint and soda! Some of my favourite variations of the cocktail are blush mojito, simply add a dash of cranberry juice, orange basil mojito, replace the mint leaves with basil and add a dash or fresh orange juice.

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3. No wedding reception would be complete without some bubbly cocktails, this particular one is a pomegranate champagne, made with champagne, pomegranate juice and creme de cassis, you could optionally garnish with pomegranate kernels, delicious

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4. Frozen fruit cocktails are a wonderful idea for a summer wedding cocktail hour, ideal to cool all your guests down after several hours of preparation and watching the wedding ceremony! I personally love anything with berries in it, so have chosen a strawberry daquiri, made with rum, fresh strawberries and a little sugar! Some variations are pineapple, lime, blueberry, raspberry, etc.

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5. Finally, sometimes it's best no to meddle with the obvious, give your guests a glass of ice cold champagne or sparkling wine with a berry in it, almost everyone will appreciate and enjoy this drink and it looks fabulous!!! I am liking the champagne coup at the moment, I think it's a refreshing change and looks really cool, so if you can get hold of them, why not???

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