Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wedding Bands

Good afternoon,

When choosing a wedding band, I think it is important to remember that this is piece of jewelry that you will almost certainly wear on a daily basis. For me it is a vital decision when planning your wedding and I personally would like to be able to look down and love the ring whether it's worn alone or in combination with an engagement or eternity ring.

Although I am an avid supporter of simple choices, I do like to look at all the options available out there. Next comes the decision of what color gold, yes white gold is particularly fashionable but will this trend last way into the future or is yellow gold the failsafe choice? Or perhaps pink gold (I kinda love it) is a good compromise keeping away from matchy, matchy with your other jewelry (in fashion anything goes so why not in your jewelry choices?

I loved brushed gold seeing it here teamed with very polished, shiny white gold is really pretty! A goes with anything ring really!

Isn't this pretty? A very clever way to incorporate two metals in the same band without it looking like a puzzle!!! 

Another combination of brushed and polished metal, a little wider and more prominent, best to see this on!

Ooohhh, diamonds, pink and white gold, pretty, feminine and definitely something I would love to wear on a daily basis!
I like this combination, it works and I think it looks like someone scattered diamonds around the band randomly, I love that!

Well I had to come back to the simple classics, love the shape, love the groove (is that correct?) love the simplicity!

There you have it, all rings available from, anyone have any thoughts on choosing the right ring? What criteria did they use? Any regrets?

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womens wedding bands said...

Wedding bands are made of a precious alloy, yellow gold, hardened with copper and silver or tin and bismuth. Copper, silver, tin or bismuth is used to make gold more durable and more difficult. One day the trend is that the wedding ring can be made with platinum or titanium. They are more durable and fashionable. Platinum, white gold alloys are required by the couple.