Wednesday, 4 July 2012

3,2,1.....steps to a Greek Wedding

When attempting to organise a Greek wedding, it may be challenging to decide what traditions and ideas to include to make your wedding decidedly "Greekish", yet retain the structure that your guests are used to!

Here are a few tips of easy items to include when organising your Greek wedding:

  • Have your groom hold the bouquet and give it to you on the way into the church or venue of your choice, seal it with a kiss and then walk down the aisle together
  • Offer your guests traditional Greek favours with 5 or 7 dragees in a net with the rbbon of your choice, for additional interest add an evil eye bead or an old drachma coin
  • Have a traditional Greek song incorporated into the evening, the "wedding song", "Simera Gamos Ginete" is the most traditional and you could use it to cut the cake, as an entrance song or as the song after your first dance
  • Give the favours at the wedding, have younger members of your wedding party give these out as the ceremony ends
  • Have guests throw rice rather than confetti during or after the ceremony, I love the meaning of this, to "plant" the wedding, so it grows big and strong!

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