Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Remote Greek Island Weddings

When dreaming about your wedding in Greece, perhaps you imagine an almost private island, with just a few inhabitants, some cute guesthouses, a tiny chapel on the sea and a typical village feast in the local taverna!!!

And you're right, this is amazing as a setting, after all remember my wedding in Kastellorizo, only 150 inhabitants, but enough services to keep my 200 guests occupied, fed and accommodated for 4 days, it worked!

Does it work everywhere? Absolutely not. So what are the points to consider when this is your dream:

  • Type of wedding that you want, the sunset civil wedding in front of the chapel may not be possible, your planner must speak to the local authorities first to see if they will allow
  • The amount of accommodation available and the level. It worked for us....just, but there were limited mod cons, and thank goodness some guests were fine with that. 
  • The access will be difficult, let's face facts, if there are TUI flights into the airport every day, it's not a remote Greek island, factor in ferries, wind, waves, sea sickness and possible cancellations to schedules, you have to be laid back about timelines and travel otherwise it will NOT WORK.
  • You will have to bring in most suppliers, FACT, do not use local photographers, you will almost certainly regret this decision
I don't want this post to be particularly long, just to the point! Remember the limitations of choosing a remote island, factor this choice when setting your budget and then....relax. It's the only way to go with a Greek Island Wedding!

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