Friday, 1 March 2013


Hi All,

Today's board is about a beach wedding, but made fabulous, those little details that elevate an event and make it stand out from the rest!!!

Great decor, music, beautiful setting, quite simple really!!!


Indian Wedding Site said...

Beach wedding are one of the favorite... The pictures are great..

Joseph Lister said...

Nice post, Weddings Abroad is a great choice to make your special
day more special by spending the the happiest moment with your near ones.

Where Wedding said...

I wonder how the light was set on the beach because it looks amazing :)

weedingsinspain said...

The most adorable couple ever are having romantic moments in their mind. Really most spectacular photography. Thanks for sharing.

weddingpackagesabroad said...

Sitting arrangments on the beachside are the really cool idea. It's a perfect arrangement for a wedding party with music. Thanks for such an amazing trend.