Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wildflowers in Greece

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A client that I have been discussing an upcoming wedding gave me the idea for this blogpost, local flowers and especially wild flowers in Greece!

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What is available and when, well if you visit any Greek island at this time of year, chances are you will see field after field of dried grass and not much else growing in the wild, after mid June the options tend to be a little sparce!

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So when are there an abundance of wildflowers on the Greek islands that could possibly be used for flowers arrangements? Well I would say April and May, although my favourite time when there are hundreds of cyclamon and anenome's is early February, that is when the ground is sooooooo pretty!

In May poppies are quite reliable, so if you are going for a red theme, this is an option, also daisies in June, if you like dried grass which can look quite interesting in large bunches for a rustic wedding then this would work from July onwards and certainly in August and early September!

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