Monday, 20 September 2010

I'm still here.....

So after almost a month off from writing the blog, I am checking in with you to let you know that I am still alive, I just got married, it does take a lot of running around and I ended up taking a few days afterwards to relax and collect myself before plunging into wedding planning, blogging and every day life!

So what did I learn from planning my own wedding, well......don't!!!!!!!!!! It was a little overwhelming and annoying to have to run around setting up my own wedding (and ever worse clearing it up) when all I really wanted to do was relax and spend time with my guests!! If there was such a thing as an on the day coordinator in Greece, I would definitely have had one! On the other hand, the fact that I did almost everything myself or at least supervised it meant that I wasn't stressed in the least and was able to relax on the day safe in the knowledge that everything was in place (or almost).

I certainly don't want to dwell on my own wedding, nor blow my own trumpet, but for those wondering what the event looked like, here are two favourite photographs from my unofficial photographer friends!!!!!!!!

Image by Spiros Spiropoulos
Image by Spiros Tsambikakis

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