Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wedding Ring Designs

Hi all,

I happened across the website of Mr. Tzomakas and was pleasantly surprised by some interesting wedding ring designs he was displaying!

I definitely like this band, it is simple yet interesting, I would perhaps have the base as pink gold with the raised part as white gold!

This is the reverse of the previous design and I possibly like this a little better, I am uncertain if one of the raised parts is white gold and the second is yellow gold!

I love the simplicity of the ring and the fact that it looks like two rings that fit inside each other! Very cute!

Again pink and white gold seem look really nice together! I would perhaps like a third band of yellow gold, although uncertain if it would be OTT!

Perhaps just the good ol' plain gold band is the best option???? Does anyone have any opinions on the matter? I would love some feedback!


aliah said...

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albina N muro said...

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