Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vassilis Zoulias, Old Athens

Good afternoon all,  I have been crazy with work and unable to update the blog! I have thought of interesting ideas and concepts however and am ready to return to the wonderful "blogger's" world!!!

Today I am paying homage to the fabulous Greek designer, Vassilis Zoulias, I adore him, his concept is the return to the older way of manufacturing clothes, the handmade, luxurious fabrics, lady like designs and very, very gorgeous shoes!!!

I have selected three of my favourite designs, that could be worn by a fashion forward bride that wants a fifties style look, a bridesmaid or even a guest, I'm certain they would be so wonderful to wear and am determined to own one of his creations at some point in the future.


I love the shape of this dress, the flowy silk fabric, the tone on tone sash and of course the feather hat, such a stylish look!


Elegance is what springs to mind when I look at this dress, simple elegance!
Loving the buttercup yellow!


Super stylish fifties dress, of course the sash is the distinguishing feature that completes the look!!!

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