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Mamma Mia, how to achieve the look for your wedding day in Greece!!!

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I am touching on what I believe is a favourite topic with anyone planning a wedding in Greece, although there are many settings and variables when planning your own wedding, this seems to be a theme or look that really appeals to most brides (and some grooms).

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What I really want to discuss today is what made this film and indeed this type of wedding so appealing. Is it only really possible to re create this style of wedding in Skopelos where this darling chapel on top of the rock can be found or is it simply about finding the location with a similiar feel? And what were the elements that made this set up so spectacular yet not over the top at the same time?

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  1. The Location chosen was key, however it is not unique to Greece, there are many absolutely fantastic chapels in Greece
  2. The Music, the soundtrack was really powerful, it put everyone in a good mood and it was recognisable, making it the perfect combination
  3. Actors, the cast was incredible as were most of their performances, again this was key to the huge success of the film
  4. Storyline, the scenario was fun, hopeful, light and entertaining!
I think when you came away from the cinema or theatre or in my case the plane ride (went by in a whizz by the way), you really feel warm and fuzzy, it was a fantastic promotion of Greece, it was simple, blue and white, a laid back tiny Greek island and not a bad depiction of the "True Greece".

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So in terms of the actual wedding scene in the film, what were the elements that were the most important in creating this fabulous, awe inspiring setting?

  1. Church Setting, OK so I do admit this was spectacular, out of the ordinary and utterly gorgeous!!!! As mentioned before there are other equally spectacular locations for a wedding in Greece, do keep in mind that church weddings are only available to those baptised in the Greek Orthodox church, however there are areas in Greece that allow civil weddings in the grounds or even on gorgeous beaches or in old buildings, so think broad when choosing the location
  2. Transportation, depending on the area that you choose for the wedding it is really lovely to be able to have you and your guests walk to the church and perhaps even to the reception afterwards. The donkey certainly adds to the authenticity and makes for gorgeous pictures, however I do advise that you practice once or twice before as it a little scary!!!
  3. Wedding Attire, I think the look would be described as laid back glamour with a little hippy and it did actually take my breath away, I adored the wedding dress, the hair, the gold leaf wreath in her hair, it was simply perfect! I would recommend looking for a cotton or tea stained tulle to recreate the look, it really suits the setting well! For the men a linen shirt with smart trousers, perhaps flip flops for those that can carry it off or some soft loafers! Bridesmaids in a pretty pastel shade or perhaps even a vibrant colour will work but keep the dresses in a matte fabric, shiny would look very bad against the pretty white houses!
  4. Bridal bouquet, the concept here is natural, think of a handpicked bunch of wild flowers, now I can't say this will be possible, but that should be the style! Keep all arrangements very loose, natural, uneven and definitely use old vases, or buckets, not glass or contemporary containers, that would ruin the look entirely!
  1. Hotel, or guest house that the bride's mum owned was certainly run down and could only be described as shabby chic, yet perfectly Greek, I think the setting proves that as long as you can find somewhere authentic, perferably with a fantastic view, the rest is down to the details that really make the difference, think coloured lights overhead, white linens, simple arrangements but mainly good food, good music and plenty of dancing!
  2. The Pier, now this isn't an important part of the film, however I do think that if you are trying to achieve a Mamma Mia style wedding, it is important to incorporate a photo shoot on a pier with you and your wedding party! I think it's actually quite integral!
  3. Wedding Color palette, certainly the white and blue will already be in place, so you want to enhance this rather than take away from it, I would suggest a very neutral and natural palette if not an all white palette, very simple, nothing particularly eye catching, yet chosen carefully to blend, I know this may be hard to comprehend but you don't want anything to look to "done"!

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