Friday, 19 March 2010

Handmade leather sandals

There are certain items that are associated with Greece, and leather sandals are one of those, think back to images of the Greek Gods, who wore the sandals under their toga's.

Of course the sandals have come along way and are no longer chunky, masculine and boring, there are so many new design ideas that make them ideal to wear while on holiday, to give as gifts to your wedding party or if possible to all your guests or even to wear under your dress if the wedding is quite informal or on the beach!

Adorned with aqua colored crystals and sparkly flowers, these sandals will ensure that your footwear takes you from day to night in style!

I am loving Green at the moment, so am definitely after owning a pair of these in the next few months!!! So pretty teamed with the neutral shades that are fashionable for Spring/Summer 2010!!!

Feminine galdiators anyone??? I want a pair right now, and so affordable at 60 EUROS!!!

I do believe these would be fit for a bride, hmmm, I may even consider it myself, I think they're truly gorgeous!

All sandals featured above made by Dorina,

With the evil eye being so popular over the last couple of summers what better than to adorn your sandals with some of these Greek beads?

And these cute paste pink beaded sandals would look so pretty for bridesmaids on the beach!!!

Designs above can be found on


mens sport sandals said...

I have to say that these look quite elegant. They look like the type of sandals who would brake after a couple of months, but still, you gonna get them because they're so unique and cute.

Anonymous said...

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