Friday, 27 November 2009

Wedding things I love

While surfing Etsy earlier this afternoon, I decided to do some searches and present my favourit items du jour to you!  For anyone that hasn't heard of Etsy this is an online "market stall" that sells heaps of handmade items. There is a whole section labelled wedding where you can find almost anything related to your wedding, from ring pillows to actual bridal gowns!

Today I concentrated on hair accessories which I think are incredibly important as they show in almost every single picture taken! I do think that having fun with them is essential and if you are in doubt or a little self conscious, why not wear a traditional veil and then change your accessory to something a little more fresh and daring for the reception?

Wedding things
Credits: Satanica, Little White Dresser, Sibod Designs, Kiss Curl, La Boheme (6)

I particulrly love the headbands made of lace, I think they are extremely flattering and in keeping with a summer/beach themed wedding! They are also simple to take on and off, add no weight to your head and can be worn in hot conditions without making you feel overdone!

Of course the vintage inspired bird cage veils and feathery flowers are simply divine, what fun to wear these and buy matching coloured ones to compliment your bridesmaids outfits.

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