Thursday, 19 November 2009

Themes, Ideas, Planning - But what is available in Greece?

Good afternoon all, well continuing my new direction with the blog, I have decided to write today's post on the subject of turning your vision for your wedding into reality in Greece. When it comes down to it, what can you get hold of in this country and what is difficult or even impossible to find!!!

Over to themes:

Clean & simple
White on white
Elegant & Classic

These are themes that are easily supported by most venues in Greece, think white linens, covered chairs, white porcelain, clear glasses, beach side, pool side, open air modern spaces, spaces with wood pergola's.

Outdoor garden weddings
Cobbles & stones

These are more challenging themes, however not impossible and depends on your exact requirements, if the venue reflects the chosen theme, ie we locate a historic venue or lush garden setting, the lighting, tables, chairs and table settings are possible to get hold of.

Please note that most catering companies only supply rotary (round) tables and covered chairs, although SP Weddings aims to work with suppliers that can also provide oblong wooden tables and chairs as a second option for clients.

Shabby chic

This is where the going gets tough, there are no catering companies that supply mismatched crockery and glasses, nor understand this concept. It is also a huge challenge to find coloured linens, even napkins and coloured glassware is also almost impossible to get hold of.

In lieu of the above, please note that when mentioning historic settings in 99% of cases it is impossible to get permission to use any archaeological sites for a ceremony or reception in Greece. We can however rent some private properties that can be between 100-500 years old that do offer the "historic" setting that is popular for weddings at the moment.

Hiring a castle for a wedding in Greece is an almost impossible mission unfortunately!

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