Monday, 30 November 2009

All things bling......

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Today's post is all about wedding rings, they are not all simple wedding bands as some would have you believe, there are many, many ideas, designs, types and styles of wedding bands, of tourse what you choose is important as it is likely to be the piece of jewellery that you will wear most throughout your life.

So starting from the top left corner we have a simple wedding band by Anne Kiel with the word "promise" etched inside, I love this idea, to some it will be corny, most don't want a personal message to show, this is something that only you and your partner need know about and I love the simple message that it conveys!

Next, in the top right corner we have a stack gold ring by Artisan Field, this looks much less like a wedding ring than a simple band and is quite a fashionable look at the moment, I personally like the idea, I would like to wear this and love the worn effect on the gold.

Below to the left, Fabuluster has created these fabulous rings with your partners finger print on the inside, do you not think this is really cool? It's certainly an innovation for modern couples that don't like the inscription idea but want something more than a simple wedding band!

Next to it is Creative Goldsmith's creation, a very thin gold band with three tiny diamonds in it, this is certainly for the very feminine and I think it would suit a lady with petite hands, I would like to think that it would suit me, but I doubt it, my hands are not what you would describ as petite, oh well!

Nutri Design has designed the next ring, it's a band that looks like a plait, I think this has a vintage air to it, I like the design, I think it's interesting to look at and quite pretty, I'm not certain if men would accept to wear a matching band, but then again, I don't really think that wedding bands have to be matching pairs anyway.

Just to the left we have my favourite ring, created by Nutri Design, this is a great choice for the whimsical bride, does the ring remind anyone else of fairies and fairytales or is that just me? Love it!!!

On the bottom left, there is a ring with a classic Greek key design on it, an obvious choice to remind couples of the location of their destination wedding! Made by Tinahdee

Just to the right, Tinahdee again created this worn and weathered looking simple pink gold wedding band, I do think it is gorgeously simple, elegant and chic!

Finally, the gold band with three small diamonds by Patrickrla.Jewelry is a beautiful yet minimal option for an understated, luxurious look, after all diamonds are a girls best friend, so what better than to have some encrusted into your wedding band?

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