Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Simple details..........lead to a perfect beach wedding

Minimal Beach theme
Credits: Doug McGoldrick, Heather Kincaid, Twin Lens, Martha Stewart (2), ak event design, Adeline and Grace Photography, Karen Wise

Good afternoon all,

Today's inspiration board illustrates how simple and inexpensive details can transform a simple beach wedding into an awe inspiring, picture worthy event.

Note jam jars, string, straw, white candles, fairy lights are really all you need to create this look!

Focus on white and cream tones with some earthy and green accents to add a little depth. Evening lighting can transform a venue completely and creates such a romantic atmosphere with very little effort.

The little pails with sweets that look like pebbles are the perfect favour to give guests, you could even set up a small candy bar with blue and white sweets and pebbles and guests could fill their pails as they leave for the evening!

The paper umbrella idea is truly inspirational and effective, again without being costly! Such a cool idea!

I suppose what this post is all about is urging people to spend time (not money) on considering the small details, these are what can transform an event, making it memorable and stylish!

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