Monday, 27 July 2009

Wedding in Hotel in Kiotari, Rhodes

This is a wedding that I thoroughly enjoyed planning, the bride and groom were a really lovely couple and obviously very in love with each other!! They chose to hold their wedding in one of my favourite hotels on Rhodes island, I think that the grounds are so vast that there are many options open for clients to pick and choose from, you can have a garden or beach ceremony, a poolside wedding reception, or a more private dinner in a private restaurant or even a barbeque on the beach! There is also a disco, overlooking the pool that is perfect for after dinner parties! The wedding dress was beautifully embroidered with small flowers, it suited the bride extremely well and accentuated her figure! The bride and groom chose to hold their wedding on a small "island" in the grounds of the hotel, we set up seating for the guests and the couple and registrar stood under a flower covered trellice! This is the bride's entrance as she is accompanied by her father! Confetti is thrown as the ceremony ends and all guests are invited to follow the couple for a champagne cocktail hour in the square of the hotel! A close up of the bride's dress, bouquet and ring! The bride and groom had a quick look at the tables before inviting everyone up to be seated for dinner, the weather was just perfect and we timed the seating so that everyone could enjoy the sunset! The setting was incredibly elegant and the brides choice in flowers reflected this, I think the white and cream flowers really complemented the venue!

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Monique said...

Hi - please can you email me because I am planning a wedding in Rhodes and your work is lovely. Your website doesnt seem to be working today. Thanks