Monday, 20 July 2009

Wedding in Private villa in Pefkos, Rhodes

Today, I am showcasing a wedding that SP Weddings organised for the loveliest couple that I have met, they were both very relaxed about the wedding and allowed me to make a lot of suggestions and push some boundaries as they weren't the sort of couple that wanted to spend a fortune on flowers or traditional wedding decor. We came up with the idea of having a fuschia pink ribbon theme and this ran all the way through the event, the emphasis was rightly on providing good food, drink and entertainment for their guests and the day was so pretty and the weather absolutely lovely! The couple chose to have a live rock band for after the meal, which was a great success and had everyone on the dancefloor until the early hours and several guests trying their hand at a little karaoke!!!! The bride was stunning and after a few tense moments and her winding walk down the aisle, she completely relaxed and the couple both enjoyed their wedding day!
The bridal party walked down the aisle on a rose petal scattered aisle! The couple stood either side the ribbon wrapped pillars, facing the sea with their guests looking on behind them, a champagne cocktail hour followed immediately after the ceremony!
The couple had a photo shoot on the beach at the foot of the garden!
The guests were next invited to sit at the tables and were served a heary Greek meal, mezze style!
The lanterns that were lit overhead really added to the ambience of the wedding!
The area next to the pool was used as a dancefloor and bar area, the band set up under the pergola! All photographs were taken by Antonis Giannelis, his website is


Sparklyscotty said...

Hi, Beautiful wedding! I love this time of year for outdoor evening weddings.

SP Weddings said...

Thank you, it really was a beautiful evening, Spring is such a lovely time for an outdoor wedding!