Thursday, 23 July 2009

Wedding in 17th Century Farmhouse, Chania, Crete

One of the most spectacular venues I have ever seen in Greece, has to be this incredible farmhouse located in Chania in Crete. The property is a renovated 17th century farmhouse, where organic strawberries are still grown on the land around the houses, the main house has been coverted into three flats, each has it's own garden and pool! Truly a luxurious and very relaxing place to stay if you like organic food, lot's of lush flowers and greenery and total relaxation! Each flat is equipped with a full kitchen, built in sofas and a raised bedroom and a very luxurious bathroom. I have seen many hotels and villas over the past few years, this is certainly the best renovation that I have ever seen, I cannot recommend it enough! Now on to the main event, the wedding!!!! So the bride decided that she would like to rent the property for a week (this is the minimum) and to hold her wedding reception at the venue in the largest of the flat's garden (plenty big enough for seating 200 guests). The main courtyard was used for the welcome cocktails, we created a chill out area by the lilly pond and used the third area (another garden belonging to one of the flats) as the party area for after dinner! This is me (in the turquoise) and some assistants putting the final touches to the tables before the guests were invited to take their seats! Subtle up lighting was used to accentuate the features of each area, over in the party zone, we decided that hot pink was a complementary colour and went for party lighting in this colour! The decor was kept to a minimum, with teraccota pots, candles and plants only, so as not to interfere with the venue's natural beauty!The wedding took place in an Archaeological area called Aptera, around a 20 minute drive from the farmhouse and was a wonderful venue, all the guests were blown away by the historical setting and incredible view from behind the stone walls! Finally, this was the garden outside the bride's flat that we decided not to utilise for the wedding, it was the prettiest garden, with a bed of wildflowers, several hammocks and the most beautiful outdoor dining area, just perfect!

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