Thursday, 3 September 2009

A Beautiful Summer Wedding in Athens

Hi All, Yes it has been ages since I last posted, I have been travelling and am preparing some wedding events for close friends, it seems to me that when styling an event for close friends more of my time is taken up, as I not only have to ensure that everything runs smoothly, I also have to ensure that I have blow dried hair, a pretty dress and manicured finger nails!!! This is a challenge I can tell you!!! Anyway, time to post some lovely pictures by my "oh so talented" associate photographer Antonis Giannelis. This wedding took place on the coast of Athens on a very warm summer day, the guests were all extremely well dressed and I absolutely loved that the couple had asked all the men to wear black tie and the men in the bridal party wore white suit jackets to distinguish themselves, it looked really fabulous in the pictures! So, the wedding began with an "unoffical" ceremony outside the chapel located in the venue grounds, the couple were held their official civil ceremony in the town hall close to their home the previous day and wrote their own service which I was asked to perform! It is always a lovely touch to write your own wording, vows and have the service go exactly as you would like! I always find it quite difficult to retain my composure despite having no emotional involvement the atmosphere is always quite emotional and it is contageous, most people have tears in their eyes, the bride and groom are sometimes sobbing and I have to continue the service and try my best to show no emotion! I have to say that I have managed it each time! So after the wedding, guests were invited to have a champagne cocktail, family pictures and finally sat down to dinner just before sunset! After the meal there was dancing which literally went on until dawn when the groom and most of his guests jumped into the sea!! I loved the colour palette that the bride chose, it is so fresh and complements the natural setting perfectly!!!! We decided to ignore the connotations that the yellow rose has (it is meant to mean hatred) and used eucalyptus leaves as the main foliage in the bouquet, I love the colour green, it is quite muted almost silvery and smells lovely when cut!!! By far my favourite greenery for in arrangements! How wonderful is this image????? Gives you an idea of what it feels like to be a bride and groom standing at the alter!!!!

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