Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Christos Costarellos-Wedding gowns

Hi All, I am showcasing another Greek designers wedding gowns as inspiration for what a bride might like to wear when planning her destination wedding in Greece (or anywhere in the Meditteranean for that matter). I love that this dress is so reminiscent of a Greek Goddess, yet so fresh due to it's bright colour, I think this would be such a beautiful choice for a beach or garden wedding, so simple and chic! This gown is a beautiful colour, not scarlet (ok, I am going to have to admit that I HATE red at a wedding, I know this is quite a popular choice, but I feel that scarlet roses look vulgar against white) This orangey-pinky hue is a different matter however! The gold belt makes sets it off and a light tan, flat gold sandals and long flowy hair (or perhaps an up do with plaits incorporated) would be gorgeous! I think this might be my favourite gown in Costarello's current collection, the use of yellow, cream and black is perfect and the shape is so flattering! The final gown I have chosen is one that most resembles a bridal gown ( please feel free to comment if you think I have gone off on a tangeant and am now thinking that any long gown can also double up as a bridal gown), I love that he has used black against the pure white gown, I know this is frowned upon for a wedding, this is probably what draws me to the gown and makes me love it even more! I also feel that it is slightly "Vera Wang", does anyone else get that feeling? Love the styling with the black stacked shoes (will have to post a looooong article on bridal shoes, these are a pet hate of mine) and flowing hair again!

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Where can I get these gowns in the uk?