Monday, 27 October 2008

Choosing the location for your wedding in Greece

So, you've swotted over your world map and come to the conclusion that Greece is the place to hold your wedding, what next? How do you choose between the mainland, popular and small islands that all offer varied and attractive options as wedding venues? Sit down and make a plan with your future husband, consider the size of your wedding, your expectations, the setting that you are looking for and how accessible the venue is for your guests. It is not necessary to limit yourself to the popular islands if you are looking for a traditional taverna on a quiet, undiscovered beach, however be prepared to have less choice in accommodation and wedding services available, peonies will not be available in the local florists! The mainland offers the widest variety of services with purpose built outdoor venues with Greek churches within its grounds, photographers, videographers, caterers and bakers can all be found very easily, if you are unfamiliar with Greek, then get yourself an English speaking wedding planner or utilise a local who can translate for you. The larger islands in Greece, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Corfu and Kefalonia offer varied options, tour operator packages, local wedding planners and hotel planners, of course if you're looking to stay away from packages and "touristy" wedding venues, then you will have to seek out a wedding planner who's work you admire and you identify with to assist you with planning your wedding. As a general guideline, these are the questions that I would suggest that you ask yourself before deciding on the location for your wedding:
  • How large is my wedding going to be?
  • As a general rule, the larger the wedding, the larger the town/island/village that you should choose, in order to give you and your guests more options to choose from in term of the services for your wedding and the entertainment and accommodation options for their visit.
  • What type of wedding do I want?
  • Is it a civil wedding? Do I want it outdoors? Is it a Catholic church wedding? A Greek Orthodox wedding? Investigate which locations offer the type of ceremony that you are looking for and narrow your choices down this way.
  • What setting do I want for my reception?
  • A large hotel poolside set up? An intimate seaside dinner? A large villa garden? A historical setting? If you are looking for a specific setting then look into the options before making a final decision on the location that is right for you.
  • What level of services do I want for my wedding?
  • If you love flowers, are lusting after a photographer with a stylistic approach to his work, would like a hair stylist with international flair or a wedding cake with some wow factor, then choose one of the more cosmopolitan islands or Athens city, where you can find suppliers with an open mind. A small, Greek island is not out of the question, however be prepared to fly or transport all your suppliers from the mainland or nearest large city, which can prove costly.
Happy hunting!!!!

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