Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Weddings in Greece

So, the purpose of this blog, is to give information on my continuing discoveries of possibilities for weddings in Greece!! I hope that I will be able to provide information that people planning a wedding in any part of Greece may find helpful. I will try to avoid the classic "cookie cutter" wedding package information and I feel there is plenty of information on paperwork, hotel weddings and St. Paul's, but what happens if you're looking for something a little different, a little out of the ordinary, I think you'll find that the information is almost non existent! My first thoughts on what is important when planning a wedding in Greece is the perculiar law, as to where civil weddings are allowed and where not. Well, this depends on each and every Town hall's registrar and mayor, meaning that on one island or area, each town can have it's own rules, so extremely confusing and incovenient. Archaeological sites in general are forbidden for photography sessions and of course cannot be used as wedding or reception venues, so unfortunately any dreams of a wedding on the Acropolis of Athens or Lindos, are I'm afraid impossible to fulfill. So, when looking for a great venue in Greece you must first contact a local wedding planner and find out what is and isn't permitted. If weddings are only permitted in the local Town Hall, then consider having your "official" and legal ceremony on a day leading up to your chosen wedding date (or perhaps on the morning of your wedding day), you can choose to have only 2 witnesses present or close family and friends. You are then free to set up your second (unofficial) ceremony as you would like, in some cases we can arrange for the same officiant to be present and perform the wedding or you may prefer for a family member or a friend to read the service to make it more personal and special for you and your guests.

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