Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My idea of a great wedding in Lindos

Lindos weddings, and especially civil weddings at St. Paul's have become quite popular in the last few years! During high summer you would expect to see three to fours civil weddings taking place each afternoon with a maximum of seven if it's a particularly popular date.

At the moment civil weddings can take place on any day of the week in the afternoon from 14.00 onwards, although I would recommend choosing after 17.30 for your wedding as it gets cooler and the beaches are less crowded at this time.

Sometimes though, you want something different and something very private! I see a lot of couples coming to me who don't want to have onlookers at their wedding and would also prefer to hold their wedding somewhere a little more "exclusive". In these cases I recommend considering a private villa, ensuring that it's grounds are spacious enough to hold at least the ceremony and perhaps a cocktail party afterwards before moving on to a reception venue.

Of course the ideal scenario is to keep everything centred around one venue, so if you are able to splash out on a large venue it will save your guests a lot of hassle moving from one venue to the next.

The benefits of booking a villa for your wedding are that you can use it as your accommodation, you can have a reason to choose an even more beautiful venue as it will also be your ceremony and reception venue, there is no time line, there is no issue of annoying other guests with your music tastes.

In addition the best advantages of booking a private villa for your wedding is that you get complete control over the quality of the suppliers, meaning the food, alcohol, DJ, live band, sound and lighting are all your own choice with no one dictating what you can and can't have which is very common in large corporate hotels.

So freedom is basically what you buy with choosing a private villa for your wedding in Lindos and that is the key to getting the wedding that you really want!

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