Friday, 13 August 2010

Bridesmaids Fashion

I do love fashion, I love talking, looking and thinking about fashion, so today I created an inspiration board regarding bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids Fashion

My key image is bridesmaids in white, using different textures, lengths and style of dresses. Personally I am not particularly worried of other attendees or guests stealing my thunder or not realising who the bride is, ok perhaps I would be slightly offended if a guest turned up to my wedding in a maxi white dress and looked really good in it, perhaps that isn't so cool! Anyway, I think it looks very cute when all the bridesmaids wear white and the bride wears a cream or alternative shade! I also quite like it teamed with a bride in white and love when the bridesmaids dresses resemle the bridal gown in some way.

I love having all the dresses hanging while all getting ready and the general excitement, buzz in the atmosphere makes for some great shots!

Cute hems, details and colors are all great when it comes to bridesmaids gowns and of course I do like it when the bride allows her attendants to choose their own style of dress depending on their tastes!

Especially liking this concept:

It is created by and is a dress sold in many shades that ties in almost 15 ways, so perfect to suit many body shapes!

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