Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A favorite photographer

Hi All,

Sorry about the infrequent posts, I am currently very busy and planning my own wedding and it is taking it's toll really!

Today I am posting some images from a great photographer, whose work I admire immensly! He is not particularly photojournalistic, his style is more to arrange amazing photoshoots after the wedding which to me are more like works of art than simply documenting a wedding!

Aren't they mesmerising?

For those wishing to book Nikos Papadopoulos head over to his website at www.nikophotography.gr

1 comment:

.Mona Trixa. said...

Very cool and interesting blog Sara.
These photos are indeed stunning,
I had'nt ever thought you could make
works of art out of weddings!
I'm checking out his website for more!