Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sarah Seven Bridesmaids Dresses

Hi again,

Second and final posting on the fabulous coloured Sarah Seven Dresses that I think I like even more than the bridal gowns. I definitely think I should own one of these very, very soon, even if it is only to wear to the cinema when Sex & the City #2 is released!!! (yes me and my girlfriends really did that for the first movie).

Anyway, over to the eye candy of the day:

I am loving navy at the moment, especially teamed with the red belt, this is exactly what I think feminine nautical theme looks like!

You know my opinion on nude, ruffles, all this gorgeousness is adorable!!!

I think this is my favourite colored gown, I adore it and it's the cheapest of the entire collection, I believe it retails at 385 $ on Etsy, please don't quote me on that however!

Long and nude, I could wear this as a bridal gown or as a bridesmaid gown or to a lovely summer party!

As mentioned all gowns created by Sarah Seven, who can be found on Etsy or via her own website

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