Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Greek Wedding Shoe Designer

Hi All,

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

We are starting off the blog week talking about my favourite subject....shoes!!! I don't talk about shoes nearly enough on this blog, I have such a strong opinion on what I do and don't like, I don't think that I should express my opinion in writing :)

Anyway, today I am talking about a talented shoe designer called Chrisa Dourmazer, she lives in Greece and designs custom shoes for a living!

A couple of her designs are really gorgeous and the best part is that your feet are measured and she then creates the shoe exactly to your requirements, so no small toe hurting or the heel being just a little too high!

I love, love, love this last pair, it's gorgeous, although not right for a beach or informal wedding this would look incredible with a silk wedding gown!

You can find Ms. Dourmazer at www.dourmazer.com

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