Friday, 29 January 2010

The Reception.....Part 2

Our final post on this completely to die for wedding completes the working week and is the perfect way to welcome the weekend, think dancing, drinking, laughing and perfect surroundings, this is actually the recipe to a successful event!!!

So without further ado...




The bride was truly radiant and danced the night away!


The couple passed around sparklers that were a great success!!!

Dancing took place on the rooftop of another house, overlooking the bay, with twinkling lights overhead, truly magical!

The brides younger sister (also incredibly pretty) caught the bouquet, I have yet to hear if she is now getting married!!


Remember the surprise I mentioned, well the girl in the green (the bride's sister) got a whole group together and they learnt the dance that plays at the end of the film Slumdog Millionaire, it was such a great finale to the evening!



I am so, so pleased that I was given the opportunity to work with this couple, it was such a pleasure and I enjoyed every moment of the planning!!!!
A special thanks to Antonis Giannelis who captured all the photos I have shown over the last few days, he is very talented and I do believe this was his best work to date!! I look forward to working on many more weddings with him in the future!

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