Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fantasy wedding In Evia

Hi all,

I am continuing the fantasy theme, of venues that I feel would make incredible wedding venues!

Today I am going for a more conventional suggestion, a hotel in the region of Evia.

Ever since I saw this image of the hotel, I have imagined what an incredible wedding could be set up on the platform surrounded by water! I could see the civil wedding taking place here or a party (imagine the dancefloor being right on the end of the platform) and the reception meal!

Isn't this image inspiring? I could really imagine setting up a fabulous, minimal, modern, Greek island wedding reception here!

I am thinking ice cold cocktails, ouzo shots, Greek finger food and inspiring music!!!


Still inspiring.....


And the suites in the hotel are certainly luxurious, spacious and in keeping with the minimal theme of the hotel!


Can't wait to plan a wedding at this hotel!!! Drop me a line if you're interested!


Anonymous said...

Hi where in Evia is this? I'm thinking about it!!!

:) Zoe

Sara Pavlatou said...

Evia is a 2 hour drive from Athens, this particular area is coastal and extremely beautiful, definitely a location to consider!

jackmarie said...

Wow! I love these gorgeous places of ‘Evia’. I have desire to book one of the island locations for my reception party at night time. Can you share with me about some facts of such locations? Will it be a good idea?
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