Tuesday, 29 September 2009

My ideal wedding in Greece

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To make a refreshing change, I thought that I would post an inspiration board that I put together that sums up what I consider to be important when planning a wedding in Greece.

First of all, we have the location, if you get this right, then the rest of the planning will more or less fall into place, so for me an open air venue/garden location preferably overlooking the sea is ideal!

We then add, fairy lights overhead, hundreds of candles, a bar with inspirational cocktails and of course some great food and you have the recipe for the perfect wedding, according to me!

Now some people may feel that seafood and fillets are the way to go for a wedding and I do get this concept and in some ways support it, however I am not certain that this is what I would want for my own wedding! I feel that my guests may feel as though they would have to be on their best behaviour, when what I want is a real party atmosphere with some elegant touches to distinguish from a simple party!

So I have added chips in cones to my inspiration board, I guess the ideal would be a souvlaki and chips stand and an Italian chef making pizzas in another corner! Simple, good quality food that will fill everyone up and is easy to eat! It is also very welcome after several hours of drinking and partying!

I did forget to mention that my ideal wedding reception has no sit down meal, it is a stand up affair with some comfy cushion corners for those that want to lounge for part of the evening!

For entertainment I would ideally combine a live band followed by a DJ, let me tell you that I am not referring to a live Greek band, as I find them entertaining for around 20 minutes only and then start to get a headache, no we are talking about a pop/rock band.

The drinks would start with champagne cocktails for the first hour and continue with mojitos and caipiroscas, eventually this would have to lead into the classic Greek bar arrangement where you open several bottles of liquor and mix your own drinks!

The fashion is perhaps the foggiest part of this "ideal" wedding, as having a degree in fashion, I have very strong opinions on what I do and don't like, I guess this would include a lot of trial and error, although I am certain that I would avoid any meringue shaped dresses and go for something that would be considered by most a very simple dress! Absolutely no to a veil, gloves and especially the pointy white satin shoes that I see a lot of brides in!

For the men, I am more open to options here, although I would like to see them go for something quite fashion forward with skinny ties and some colour to complement the overall colour scheme!

I am considering creating several moodboards with my "ideal" weddings and would appreciate hearing from you on which style appeals most!

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