Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My favourite villa in Greece

Imagine the setting, an ancient castle perched on top of a mountain overlooking the sea on your right side, a dirt road leading through overgrown fields, at this point thoughts may be passing your mind about being scammed, but if you persevere, you finally catch a glimpse of a roof top! You then reach the gates leading into the drive where there is plenty of space for parking, you will immediately notice a pretty courtyard with a Greek pie shaped building sheltering it in, 5 bedrooms and bathrooms lead off the courtyard and to the right the large door leading into the homely kitchen with ample space for cooking large family meals. Moving throught the doors to the living area we reach the "piece de resistance" of this property, the view! Imagine an uninterrupted view of the cliffs, Symi, the Turkish coast, other smaller islands and the best bit, you cannot see another building or in fact light at night! I forgot to mention that "infinity" style pool and jacuzzi, large veranda complete with dining table, seating, loungers and hammocks. I would suggest this property for a honeymoon or as a wedding venue, it could comfortably seat 80-100 guests along with room for dancing and perhaps a BBQ. The added pros for choosing this property is music can be played as loud as you want, without causing any disturbance and the property can be rented for 1 night only and used as a wedding venue. A civil ceremony could optionally take place in the neighbouring castle or the villa's grounds.

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