Friday, 23 January 2009

Guide to wedding in Chania

Hi all, I am going to write about a beautiful location in Crete, the town of Chania! What do I love about the area? The Old Town, the fact that the sea front is reminiscent of Venice in some areas, the mountaenous countryside, the cross between modern hotels and rustic farmyards available in the area. I would say that Chania is a great all rounder, with activities and settings that will interest almost all age groups. At the moment, the idea of outdoor civil weddings are very new to Chania, the local authorities are currently unwilling to perform these outdoors, although I predict that by next summer these will be available. As for venues, there are so many to choose from, tiny tavernas on the sea, great courtyards in the Old Town, luxurious villas with incredible views and older buildings perfect as a rustic, authentic wedding venue. The services available on the island are quite good, a selection of caterers, florists, entertainers to choose from. I am personally disappointed with the selection of photographers, I wouldn't choose anyone local for the job. I will revert back soon with further information on other locations!

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