Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Mamma Mia style wedding in Greece

If you've seen the film, been inspired and are now looking to book your wedding at the Ag. Ioannis chapel located in Skopelos, which was used for the church scenes in the film, then read on! Skopelos is a tiny island,located around 3 hours from Piraeus port in Athens, there is limited accommodation available on the island, so any thoughts of boutique hotels must desert you when choosing this location for your wedding. Ideally, you would want a taverna style meal for your reception with a traditional Greek band and dancers as the entertainment. Arriving on a fishing boat or donkey are probably your best options in terms of transportation. A beach party is certainly another option, I would suggest a barbeque with fresh fish and meat and plenty of barefoot dancing, when choosing this location! What is important to remember is that it will be expensive to create a cosmopolitan setting on a small island like this, although not unachievable, you will need to bring in caterers, florists, photographer and hire furniture at the very least. Another important point is that despite the film having an English speaking priest performing what appeared to be a "Catholic" type ceremony, this is not in fact permitted in the real world! Only Greek Orthodox ceremonies can take place in the chapel, performed in Greek by the local priest.

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