Friday, 10 August 2012

Stylish Beach Elopement

I am not a huge fan of elopements, I don't really understand why you wouldn't want your friends and family to attend such a special moment as your wedding, however I do think that if you are going to elope, then do it in style!

And so this wedding did, super fashion, great location, fabulous private dinner on the beach, I think I love everything about it and it's so colourful (exactly the opposite to my taste), I admire this couple for going all out and expressing themselves via their clothes, it's cool, literally!

Do you see what I mean??? F A B U L O U S!


Reception Venues said...

gorgeous pics :)
I was really entertain looking at this pics..What great combination of colors.
Congratulations and best wishes to the newly wed.

Wayfarer beach house said...

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