Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blush Wedding Flowers

Do you remember my post ageeeeees ago regarding nude being the new "it" color for weddings! Well I'm sure most of you can't have missed the fact that the colour pallette appears on every wedding blog at least once a week if not a day. It is a huge trend!
Although I am personally getting slightly tired and bored of seeing it everywhere, I definitely think mint will take over and after that, I'm uncertain.

Florals in creams and nudes however, are so pretty, you can add peach, pinks into the mix to make it more interesting!

Are you planning to use nude touches in your wedding? Do you want the florals in blush?


. said...

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John said...
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jelly andrews said...

Oh! So lovely! I love it. Those bouquets are really amazing. Thanks for sharing.

mae anderson said...

Wow! These bouquets are adorable. So gorgeous! These would surely add elegance and beauty to any wedding.