Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Traditional Greek Wedding in Rhodes

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Today I am posting a traditional Greek wedding that I assisted with of some good friends of mine who got married in September of this year. It is interesting as it is quite traditional and very large (over 800 guests were invited).

Before the wedding, the groom is dressed by his parents and best men (four of them in this case), in this image the groom is thanking his father and basically leaving the nest and moving to a new house with his new wife! A very tense moment that is a real tear jerker!

One of the best men help the groom put his suit jacket on, traditionally all 4 best men will do this before it is finally on for good!

The groom is waiting patiently on the church steps for his bride, in Greece the groom carries the bridal bouquet and presents it to his bride as she arrives!

Inside the church the bride is listening to the church service!

The stefana or wedding crowns are held in a cross shape to be blessed before being exchanged on the couples heads by their best men and maid of honour!

Once the service is over all the guests move to the reception hall to dance the night away! I love this image of the bridesmaids running in the entrance!

The bride dances a traditional zeimbekiko dance, where the onlookers sit around the dancer on their knees and clap them on!

And the grooms version of the same dance!

The happy couple dance the night away and share a kiss!

All pictures by Spiros Tsambikakis,

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