Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Mellow Yellow

Today's post illustrates how to use your theme colour creatively to bring all the elements incoroporated into your wedding together!

Mellow YellowCredits: Brett Buchanan, Harper Ferguson, Myrtle & Marjoram, Michelle Photography, Cake Stands by Raise the Cake, Jose Villa, Jose Villa Photography, Linda Chaja, Tanja Lippert, Caplan Miller Events, Kate Webber

The flowers, the favours, the accessories and even the food and drink that you choose will send a "vibe" to your guests, set a tone and dictate the way the wedding day will be flow! Do not be fooled, these choices are no more expensive than going for the "norm", what does this look require? Time and effort on your or your wedding planner's part, nothing more than that.

I believe the end result is worth it, I think your wedding is the only project/party that you will put your heart and soul in to (ok, maybe your children's parties in the future), but this is the one daunting and most probably largest party you will ever throw, so ensure that you do it in style and do spend that extra effort to ensure that it is gorgeous!

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